BEAUTY DARE: I Used Fake Blood for an Everyday Makeup Look

Because sometimes you just happen to have a pint of "Vampire Blood" lying around the house.
Publish date:
June 28, 2016
weird beauty, blood, beauty dare, fake blood

“Weird” beauty is something that I am so fascinated by but don’t often try for myself. So when commenter "Spooky Fox" put out a call for a tutorial using fake blood, I definitely wanted to give it a shot.

Lucky for me, my tendency to keep useless things around my apartment worked for my benefit this time, as I had recently found a bottle of fake blood when I was cleaning through some stuff.

Could this be fate? I think so!

I wanted to try to do the look entirely with fake blood but I did end up adding some other items. Never fear though, blood is the primary component of this look!

I started by priming my lids and then used my pinky to pat some of the blood all over my lids. This particular formula of blood was not super-thick and felt a bit watery (it actually reminded me of Benefit Benetint). I was happy about this because the consistency made for easier layering.

I kept the color fairly sheer on the mobile lid, but built it up to a darker shade in the crease. Once I was happy with the amount of saturation, I took a clean, fluffy blending brush and blended out the edges of the blood (it had already dried by then).

After I was done with the “shadow,” I drew a cat eye across my upper lash line, filled in my brows, and added mascara to finish the eyes.

For the rest of the look I layered the fake blood on my cheeks, blending with my fingertips until I got a healthy flush, and I did the same with my lips.

Despite the fake blood working excellently on my eyes and cheeks, it didn't seem to play well with my lips. I tried it both with and without lip balm on first to see if it made a difference, but it ended up pooling in the center of my lips. I'm not unhappy with the look, but I would have preferred more even saturation.

Overall I had fun with this challenge, and I like the monochrome effect of the finished look.

  • What weird beauty stuff have you tried?
  • Any other challenges should I take on?