My Favorite Eyeshadow Blending Brush Is Killing It in the Concealer Game, Too

I love repurposing my beauty favorites!
Publish date:
March 11, 2016
mac, makeup brushes, concealer

You all know by now that I am serious about my eyeshadow blending game. There are a couple of blending brushes in my kit that are big helpers in that respect, but I recently discovered that one of them also makes the perfect blending tool for concealer!

The MAC 217 is one of my all-time favorite eyeshadow blending brushes. It’s perfect for adding color to my crease and really buffing it out so it doesn’t look harsh.

I can’t remember who I was watching, but I recently saw a makeup artist on YouTube use the MAC 217 to blend rather than a concealer brush or fingers, and I was super-impressed with the finish. I decided to give it a shot, and I fell in love!

I typically use either my fingers or a small buffing brush (anything fairly large and with dense bristles, really) and while both work fine, I feel like I had to work a little harder to make the finish look natural and not heavy. With the MAC 217, I feel like the bristles are dense enough to make a difference as far as buffing product in, but flexible enough that it diffuses the amount of product left under my eyes.

I also feel like the size of the brush is great for really getting into the corners under my eyes (namely near the bridge of my nose) and under my nose where I have a little redness. It’s also soft enough that it doesn’t tug at the delicate skin under my eyes as much as other brushes.

I start by applying a few dots of concealer under my eyes; I don’t put a lot of product on necessarily; I just spread it out over a wider area.

Next, I take the MAC 217 and buff it in circular motions until the concealer is completely blended.

If the MAC 217 is a little too much for you budget a really great alternative is the Morphe M433. It’s a bit more flexible than the MAC brush, but it works pretty well in this capacity, too.

  • What do you use to blend your concealer?
  • Have any of you discovered that your favorite makeup tools can be re-purposed?