Can an Eyelash Serum and Lash Tinting Replace Mascara?

I'm definitely sticking with one of the two, that's for sure.
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March 23, 2016
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I work a traditional nine-to-five office job, and in doing so, I've become less and less likely to invest my precious time in the morning in applying my go-to cat-eye liner and mascara combo. The fact that I'm staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day with serious dry eye has left me with the desire for long, dark lashes without having to apply mascara or liner which will inevitably end up rubbed all over my face by mid-afternoon.

I wanted to test out lash serum to see if the rumours were true: could something so easy really get me the long, gorgeous lashes I've always wanted without mascara? I contacted the lovely people behind Revitalash, an incredibly popular lash serum that I was convinced would help me reach my goal, and was sent over a tube of their awesome sci-fi worthy Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, and I L-O-V-E-D it.

This stuff works. I think legally they aren't supposed to say this helps your lashes grow longer, but I can tell you from experience that is exactly what this product did for me. I initially applied the serum to my lash line daily, but I think you can go a few days (even a week) between applications once you get your lashes to their longest and continue having doe eyes. If you're really interested in ditching mascara and investing in some fluttery, long lashes, I can't recommend this enough.

Unfortunately, I lost the before shot of my lashes, but luckily I have an identical twin we can use to really understand how much this stuff works. (Sometimes sharing your DNA comes in handy!) My sister's lashes are identical to what shape my lashes were in before I started using Revitalash. We definitely don't have short lashes, but Revitalash did make a noticable difference. I mean, the damn things grew like weeds. Take a look:

I applied a quick swipe of the serum along my upper and lower lashes before I went to bed every night, and within a month, I could already notice a huge change in the length of my lashes.

But I felt like if I was going to do this experiment, I might as well go all out. I wanted to try out getting my lashes tinted. Could this totally eliminate my need to ever wear mascara? Maybe? Yes?

I booked an appointment at one of the best salons in Toronto, The Ten Spot, where I experienced my very first pedicure in one of my first articles for xoVain. I love this place — it's clean, well lit, and the staff is incredible... which is why I was sort of upset with myself when my plan to totally dominate this experiment went a little haywire.

Do you know what getting dye into your eyes feels like? Hot, burning, and sort of terrifying.

I was sat down in something similar to a dentist chair, I laid back and had vaseline applied around my eyes, to avoid any dye marks on my skin. My lovely lash expert assured me the dye they use at The Ten Spot is completely vegetable-based and would not blind me if it were to get into my eyes. The thought of getting dye into my eyes sort of terrified me, but I'd had lash extensions before and had done OK sitting still, so I figured I could make it through this appointment scot-free.

Uh, that wasn't really the case. As soon as the stickers were applied below my eyes I could NOT stop moving my eyes around. It was embarrassing how much I couldn't sit still. Once the dye was applied to my lashes, I thought I was in the clear, but I guess the fact that despite my best efforts, my eyes could not lay still, and some dye did make its way onto my eyes. It began warm, then got hot, and I began to wonder what I'd gotten myself into.

My eyes were rinsed, having reached the 10-minute mark required to deposit the dye (right around the time I started getting worried), and I was on my way. They felt a bit dry for the rest of the day, but no serious harm was done. I think the moral of the story is to maybe avoid this treatment if you're as fidgety a person as I am. If you're used to lash extensions or any other procedure that takes some serious sitting-still abilities, this could definitely be for you.

I mean, it did make my lashes darker. But personally, I don't think I'd go through the process again. As much of a hassle as mascara can be, my inability to sit still sort of ruined the whole lash-tinting process for me. Don't get me wrong — I couldn't have picked a better place to go, but sometimes no matter how skilled an esthetician is, the process might not be right for you. It's like going to get a tattoo, jerking your arm away and getting upset about your tattoo being ruined. There isn't much the tattoo artist can do if you couldn't sit still. And boy oh boy, I couldn't.

So did lash serum replace mascara for me? In terms of length, definitely. I don't feel naked walking out the door without mascara after using Revitalash, that's for sure. I even find using mascara these days makes my lashes TOO long, if you can believe it. Like, scraping-my-glasses-when-I-blink too long. It's hardly the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Would I recommend the add on of lash tinting? Probably not. Stick to eyebrow tinting. Less painful (in my experience anyway).

  • Have you ever tried a lash serum? Would you?
  • Have you ever had your lashes tinted?