Which Eyebrow Style Looks Best With Thick-Framed Glasses?

I recently bought two new pairs of glasses, but I'm not sure if I should wear my brows naturally, a little penciled-in, or bold. Help!
Publish date:
March 5, 2014
eyebrows, glasses

Who knew a crazy fall would mean I get two pairs of dope new
glasses. Zang!

I was running down the stairs in my house to get to my room
like I have always done for the past 18 years since we moved into this house, and
my lovable and playful dog, Nya, wanted to come along. She always runs besides me
as I make my way to my room so we can have some girl time and hang out--you
know, stuff like that. But this time, she did some Matrix ninja dog trick,
intertwining between my legs, and welp, I fell... A WHOLE FLIGHT OF

I woke up so sore, and with the worst bruises I have ever had
(I will spare you the brutal imagery) but the saddest part of all this: my
beloved and only pair of glasses broke in the whole debacle. Sad face.

I was more upset about my glasses breaking than the God-awful
bruises that the fall gave me all over my body. I have been wearing glasses
since I was seven years old. I absolutely hate to wear my contacts in the house, so even
in my pain, I had to do what I had to do: get to the optician the
next day to find a new pair of glasses. I am nearsighted AND farsighted, and without my specs, I am really useless.

With the help of topical relief (thanks Marci!) and ibuprofen, I was able to make way over to Borough Park to Minzers Optical. They may not have the glitzy showcase, but
they have the talent; they know
what they're doing and they do it for a fraction of the cost of what is out
there in the market for the same service and same products.

I am a very indecisive
person, and it takes me light years to make a decision about something. Since the
optician has a very budget-friendly selection, I made the decision to
get not one but two frames. This way, I can switch them out, and most
importantly, have a back up pair should one of them meet their demise.

My biggest obstacle now is deciding how I should wear my
eyebrows for each frame shape. I have my
makeup routine for when I wear my glasses pretty down pat, but eyebrow shape can make or break your

Since these frames are the thickest I've ever had, I am unsure which brow shape will service both the symmetry of my face
as well as the hefty frames. I'll be trying natural brows vs. fairly penciled in brows vs. thick arched brows. And I want YOUR opinion.


First up are my makeup-free, un-touched, naked eyebrows.
Personally, I feel that with the thickness of the frame, regardless of which
pair of glasses I choose to wear, my eyebrows need a little bit more definition
to compete with heavy-set spectacles.


Next up is how I typically shape my brows for the day to

Normally, I like to fill in my eyebrows very softly with a brown pencil.
Nothing too heavy--just moderately shaping them to complement my features.


A giant step up from
lightly penciling them in, here are eyebrows I would have in the totally awesome '80s. To achieve this
look, I also used a brown pencil to but as you can see, these brows are not for
the faint of heart.

So, now I turn to you: which eyebrow shape flatters my face more while wearing the
hefty frames and for which frame shape? Help
a sister out!