How to Get the Eye Gloss Look Without the Annoying Gooeyness

This beauty hack proves you don't need to get greased up to look like the sexy hot mess you long to be.
Publish date:
October 27, 2015
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I love the look of eye gloss. It’s chic yet grungy, but I almost never wear it because it’s a high-maintenance look. There are a few tricks to make it more wearable, but you’ll still spend a significant chunk of time spreading grease—I mean gloss—back to uniformity in the bathroom.

Still want to look like a sexy hot mess? Grab a foil shadow and let’s CHEAT.

To get a steamy, come-hither look, stick to warmer neutrals; they light up your eyes, and are easier and more forgiving if you’re a newb at blending. This is a three-colour eye look, and I went with a combo of Sleek and Pacifica shadows in plum and crimson hues for a look for an intense, mildly sickly look.

To use this technique, you MUST use a primer! Blending out foil shadow until it’s sheer can get patchy on un-prepped lids, and it certainly won’t last. The trick is to apply the shadows wet, and then burnish them and blend them until the shimmer is thinly distributed so that it resembles a gloss.

The first step is to line your eyes with a damp brush and your deepest shade of shadow (I'm using Urchin from Pacifica's Eye Brightening Palette). Don’t worry about it being perfect—we’re going to blend it like crazy in just a minute.

With a clean, damp brush, apply a fat dot of your bright or most pigmented shadow (for me, that's #2 from Sleek's Sunset Palette) right on the orb of your eyeball. Don’t worry about a perfect dot; just place it in the middle of your lid.

Now, with a clean, dry brush, blend using a windshield-wiper-like motion, using your eye socket as your guide. Really work the shadow over, so the foil shimmer is thinly distributed over your lids.

Now you’ll highlight the inner corner and lower lash line with the lightest colour; I used Golden, a really yellow-gold shadow from the Pacifica palette because I wanted a bit more contrast, but any light colour will work.

With a wet brush, I lay down a hint of colour, and then blend it in. There should be no discernible edges between the colours.

Wipe up any shadow fallout, and top with mascara. (I got a trial tube of Benefit’s Yes They’re Real at a makeup swap, and I LOVE the product but hate the brush.)

I really need a good navy shadow to try this with!

  • Do you love eye gloss?
  • What are your HG (holy grail) foils? I love how dynamic they are!