Here's My Everyday Makeup Look--What's Yours?

Let's talk go-to make up routines.

Like many women, I've got my go-to makeup application process down pat. In fact, I can complete it in under 15 minutes.

Sometimes I'll opt for the curveball thick cat eye or glam it up with something more in-your-face. Those looks take a little bit longer because they're more involved and also because I'm not as familiar with them. But, seriously, I can do my go-to makeup in the dark.

I figured since I know this look so well, I'd share it with you all. It works on lots of skin tones as is, but you can always customize the colors or products to your personal preference.

My primary focus is my skin. I believe that an even, healthy-looking complexion is the key to amazing makeup. Obviously, this is achieved with an excellent skincare regimen, but you can fake it a little bit with the right makeup products, too.

To begin, I prep my face with a priming product. I love BECCA Resurfacing Primer, which not only sets my face up for even application, but moisturizes. It has a velvety texture and dries matte, which nixes excess shine over the course of the day.

Next, I apply a foundation. I switch it up depending on my mood or desired effect and coverage. I often use BECCA Luminous Skin Colour, which is very sheer and, as the name implies, provides a luminous quality to the skin. I blend this in with my Beauty Blender, which I swear by.

Blend, blend, blend until you think you're done blending and then blend some more. Few things are worse than cakey looking makeup.

For the final step in my skin-prepping process, I apply concealer and brightener. A few months ago, I discovered Susan Posnick's concealer/brightener stick and fell in love with it. It's basically just a nub now, but that should prove my love for this product. I do have another coming in the mail… Anyway, it's creamy and blends into the skin extremely well. Plus, I love that it's in pencil form.

I apply the concealer on any red spots and the brightener in a cat whisker formation around my nose, which, for some reason, is usually a little redder than the rest of my skin. I also apply brightener to the corner of my eyes and under my eyes.

I blend everything in with my bare, clean fingers, but you can use a concealer brush if you prefer. I do blend the cat whiskers upwards. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I think it creates a subtle lifting effect.

Moving onto my eyes, which is my secondary focus! I fill in my eyebrows; that said, I don't like to spend a lot of time drawing them on. I simply go over my natural brow shape to make them a little darker and more defined. The drawn on power brow has its time and place, but I prefer a more natural look.

For my eyes, I'm going to use a Stila palette that's received a lot of love from me. The colors I'm using are Kitten, a pale shimmery shade I've been using since grade school, Earthy, a darker, shimmery brown, and then Gypsy, a dark, matte brown. I'm also using a dark brown eyeliner.

I start by applying a wash of Kitten over my entire lid, just above the crease. I'm using my Japonesque 230.

Next, I apply Earthy on the outer corners of my eyes. I like to create a "<" shape.

Once I've got that darker shimmery brown on, I blend the two colors together very well. I like to dip my brush back into the lighter shade to help with the blending process.

One note about the eyeshadow: You can recreate this look with any two colors in varying shades. Two purples, two grays, a shimmery beige and a bit of green. The choice is yours!

Eyeshadow complete, it's time to apply eyeliner! I'm using Frankie Rose Infinity Eye Pencil in brown, a very dark brown, almost black, color.

I apply the eyeliner across my lower lash line. I also apply some to the outer two thirds of my lower waterline.

To soften my eyeliner, I like to blend it in with a little eyeshadow and an angled eyeliner brush. Just dip the brush into the shadow and gently rub back and forth. You're essentially blending the liner into the eyeshadow.

Then I layer on mascara; I'm using CoverGirl's Clump Crusher.

Using a plump cosmetic brush (I'm using Japonesque 324), I like to apply a sheer dusting of blush to the apples of my cheeks. I'm using e.l.f.'s blush in Tickled Pink. This is the color I'd turn if my cheeks were naturally flushed, so it's one I use often.

To complete my look, I like to apply just a touch of highlighter to my face. One of my all time favorites is LUSH's Feeling Younger. It's particularly great for us fair skinned chicks who have a hard time finding a highlighter that's light enough.

That basically completes the look, minus lip color, which I'll get to in a second. If I have a long day or night ahead of me, I like to apply a sheer dusting of Make Up For Ever's HD Finishing Powder. It sets my makeup for hours and hours and creates a soft, glowy effect.

As for lips, I change this up a lot. I'm a sucker for a bright red, but I like sheer glosses, plums and nudes. I just wear whatever I'm digging on that particular day.

For this, I'm going to glam it up with Rimmel's Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang, a pinkish red that's super-vibrant. It's creamy, applies easily and has good lasting power.

And there's the look! What's your everyday makeup routine?