2 Underrated European Drugstore Brands To Try

Publish date:
January 12, 2015
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Drugstore brands such as Maybelline and Rimmel receive a lot of praise and attention, and for good reason. (I often shout about Maybelline mascara from all rooftops.) But there are other drugstore brands that aren’t as exposed as these bigger ones. So today I'm going to take you through two of my favorite underrated European drugstore brands and highlight some of my favorite products.


Catrice is one of those brands that I’m always shocked that nobody yells about more. (They're not sold in U.S. drugstores, but can be found online.) They have some spectacular dupes, like their Camouflage Cream, which is exactly the same as Benefit Boi-ing at a tiny fraction of the cost.

A lot of their products are for priming and preparing, which isn’t a huge category among color-focused drugstore brands.

This brand also brings trendy colors and styles to street level. Their nail polish is pretty solid--both in application and in selection. I mean, look at this do-it-all brush.

I have also purchased a couple of long-lasting, high-quality brushes from Catrice, such as this double-ended Smokey Eyes Brush.


Essence is not found at every drugstore in the U.S., but, according to its Facebook page, is available at Ulta, select Walgreens, H-E-B, and Fred Meyer. It's a real value-for-money brand. It has almost everything you could need in its catalog, including trendy, gimmicky stuff.

My favorite Essence product is its Colour & Go nail polish, which comes in a wide range of colors and applies really well.

Essence color products are always great, offering quality payoff and longevity. I especially love Essence 3D Eye Shadow in Irresistible Blue Sky. It's not waterproof, but it stays put for a really long time, unlike 80% of the eye shadow that meets with my eyelids.

Let’s show these great brands some love next time we’re in the chemist buying an 80-pack of bobby pins and nasal spray!

  • What are your favorite underrated drugstore brands?
  • Have you tried either of these brands?