Being Round And Cute Is A Totally Legit Reason To Love A Lip Balm

OK, so the cute roundness is really just a perk. The cheap, natural moisture is the real reason.
Publish date:
August 6, 2013
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I don’t know what it is, but I freaking love little smooth round things I can hold in my hand. (Insert whatever joke you wish.)

When I was little, this meant that I would tote around especially symmetrical circular pebbles that I happened to either find or pilfer from my grandmother’s orchid planters. The shiny, circular wooden base of a broken nutcracker Christmas ornament? Mine. Bouncy balls? Loved ’em.

I would spend hours combing through rocks and gravel at parks in order to find the perfect stones. I found out recently that my boyfriend would also do the same thing in his gravel driveway when he was little, which maybe explains why we’re in love, or at least why we both love this lip balm.

I first noticed Evolution of Smooth--or eos, as the company is known, because lowercase letters are trendy--lip balm when my friend Olivia pulled it out of her purse at a meeting in college. I didn’t even know what it was, but it was smooth and round and a pretty pastel green and omgIwanttoholdthatinmyhandforever! Then she twisted it, and to my delight, the sphere came apart and inside was a little hill of lip balm, which she proceeded to use, recap, and then put back in her purse without noticing my envious staring.

I love little round things. I love lip balm. I needed to have this thing.

It actually wasn’t until I moved to New York a few years later that I first saw eos lip balm in drugstores and bought it for myself. The first thing I did was flip it over and read the ingredients. Now, I am very vaguely health-conscious in the sort of way that if something I want has an organic or all-natural version and is cheap, I will totally buy it and feel really good about myself; but if it’s $12 more expensive than the one made out plastic byproducts, I’ll just get the cheaper thing and be mad that I’m poor.

One of the things I like most about eos products is that they are all 100% natural and at least 95% organic, so that means no parabens, no icky things made of petroleum. The main ingredients are beeswax and coconut oil, and they throw in some shea butter and vitamin E to boot.

And you can get one of these little magic balls for, like, $3.50. And as far as its abilities as a lip balm and not just a salve for my wannabe environmentally friendly soul, I can honestly say that I’ve never had a better lip balm.

I love it. It goes on sheer, comes in a half-dozen flavors (they have seasonal ones occasionally!), and protects my lips and while keeping them smooth and supple. Be aware, however, that there is no SPF, so if you’re outdoors a lot, you may want to consider additional protection for your lips.

My boyfriend, who loses all his “manly” (i.e. in green or blue packaging) lip balm three seconds after he buys it, started mooching some of my eos balm off me, so I bought a big variety pack for Christmas and gave him the mint ones. I guess I thought mint would be the least emasculating flavor, and it was green. It has long since run out, but he likes the balm so much that he even uses the red "Summer Fruit" flavor with minimal qualms. We’ll see how he feels when we move on to the pink Strawberry Sorbet.

Are you a fan of eos lip balm? What's your favorite small circular thing?