The Best Magnetic Palettes for Your Round and Rectangular Depotted Eyeshadows

Gotta keep those shadow pans organized!
Publish date:
September 2, 2016
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I don’t have to tell you all that I own a ridiculous amount of eyeshadow because that obsession has been well-documented here on xoVain. Recently, I started the process of de-potting some of my palettes in order to encourage myself to use my neglected shades more than I have been. However, the thing about de-potting shadows (or buying individual shadows) is that you need somewhere to put them all collectively.

Best for Rectangular Pans: Z Palette

You may already familiar with Z Palettes, especially if you are a fan of watching YouTube makeup gurus. I have a total of 4 Z Palettes (in various sizes) that I use for housing eyeshadow singles and blush pans.

The XL Z Palette is where I transferred the shadows of the palettes I recently de-potted because I thought its rectangular shape would be better suited for the shadow pans from my Urban Decay Naked 1 and 3, Vice 3, and LORAC Pro palettes. Originally, I used it to hold my Makeup Geek and MAC shadows, and it was able to house about 35 of those round pans.

It is currently holding 54 rectangular and square shadow pans.

What I like about this palette is that the bottom is magnetic, so I can just pop my shadow pans right in. I've noticed that I have to put an extra magnetic sticker on the back of my MAC pans so they stay secure, but my Makeup Geek shadows pop right in there and stay put.

The palette itself is cardboard with a magnetic closures and a clear plastic window so you can see the shadows inside. It’s not as sturdy as a metal palette, but I haven’t had any problems with shadows getting damaged within the palette. I do wish this palette had a mirror instead of the window, but overall it’s pretty good!

Best for Circular Pans: Make Up For Ever Metal Palette

I have the XL version of this metal palette, and I honestly wish I would have seen it first. While I really like the Z Palette, the Make Up For Ever palette holds a lot more of the round shadow pans and its magnet is STRONG! It snaps shut rather than magnetically closing and the outer casing itself is basically just tin, but the palette does feel like it has substance to it.

Again, no mirror here, which is a bummer, but I am really pleased with how affordable this option is!

How do you house your single and depotted shadows? Do you have a favorite palette brand?