Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Got Felt Up By Midas

At age 84, Arden's iconic Eight Hour Cream is going for gold.

When a product achieves cult status, it is generally for one of two reasons: a) it’s really old or b) it really works.

I jumped on the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream boat late in the game. I mean, I was born 56 years after it launched, so give me a break. Given its age, I think we can say that it has stood the test of time--the test being that it's a skin protectant and dry skin soother for pretty much any part of your body that also helps heal wounded skin. It's basically the beauty equivalent of the all-purpose, problem-solving Windex. (Remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding? "Put some Windex on it"?)

These days, the cream, which is more realistically a balm or a salve, is a makeup artist staple, multi-use product for dewy finishes on cheeks and eyes, brow tamer, lip balm, you get it...

It makes models look all fresh and glow-y, as if they needed something other than impossible height, poise, and beauty to elevate them from us normies.

So one would think, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Correct, unless you want to dress it up in GOLD!

That's right, Elizabeth Arden is sprucing up its famed Eight Hour Cream for a limited edition 2014 Gold Collection. Don’t you just love makeovers? The formula is still the same batter that I first used in an eye gloss story way back when. I’m a little susceptible to the seductive whims of beauty product packaging, so I was thrilled when I received a sample.

As for the cream itself, some things I like to use it for are:

- Lip balm

- Eye gloss

- Vehicle for glitter/shimmer application

- Highlighter on brow bones and on tops of cheekbones

- Brow/lash groomer

- Moisturizer for occasional dry patches on my face

- Taming that ONE irrepressible flyaway in my hair

- Lubing up a fast-forming blister so I’m not in total agony until I take off my shoes

- Cuticle softener (before I’m about to cut them off, or in general)

- Soothing burns (sun or otherwise)

- Nose balm for when I have a cold/allergies/am really sad and have that Kleenex-burn-meets-Rudolph look

- Massaging into stubborn waterproof eyeliner/mascara to break it up for easier removal

- Airplane dryness

The blinged out limited edition version retails for $25, four extra dollars than the original for pretty much the same amount of product. The fact that it comes in a jar as a opposed to a tube may be a plus for some. (Sometimes I get a little overzealous with tubes and squirt out way too much product.)

And BONUS: Elizabeth Arden also gold-rushed its Eight Hour Lip Protectant Stick so you can get matchy-matchy, if that’s your thing. I’m mostly jazzed that I can use the same formula as a lip balm without the guilt of going sans SPF. Yes, sometimes you can have it all--if “it all” involves moisturized skin and sun protection.

Are you guys as much a fan of Eight Hour Cream as I am? Have you got any other uses for it? Or do you have any other does-everything beauty products that you cherish? You should probably tell me because otherwise you would be a bad person (maybe)!