How To Do A Smoky Eye In A Jiff

Because lazy girls like dramatic makeup, too.
Publish date:
July 16, 2014
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I love to go out, but I rarely spend more than 10 minutes getting ready. Here's my regular routine:

· Put hair up in some way, because it’s being annoying.

· Haphazardly rub on CC cream.

· Apply a little blush.

· Fill in brows.

· Mascara.

· Lipstick.


Lately, though, I’ve been thinking I should step up my game. And what screams “I MADE AN EFFORT” more than a smoky eye?

According to the annals of Pinterest, a smoky eye can be any look in which lots of dramatic, dark shadow is applied in the general vicinity of your eyeball. It's great for nights when you want to unleash your sexiest, drunkest self.

But who has time to spend 35 minutes painstakingly blending eyeshadow? Not me. I’ve got disco napping and pre-gaming to focus on. That’s how I concocted my version of the smoky eye--a sexy, smudgy look that takes less than 10 minutes. Want to see?

My 10-Minute Smoky Eye Tutorial

When I’m doing an in-your-face eye look, I keep the rest of my makeup simple: A bit of BB cream, filled in brows, and minimal blush and highlighting.

Using an angled brush and a black gel liner, draw a thick line across your upper lash line. I’m using ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner ($3). Don’t worry about making the line perfectly clean. We’re about to mess it up.

Grab a shadow brush and your favorite black eye shadow. Whether you go with a matte or shimmer is up to you; I went shimmer. Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment Loose Powder in Black Mystery (6.99) sparkles the way certain bits of roads do--like there are teeny tiny jewels paved into it.

Cover your entire mobile lid with the shadow, being mindful of any fallout on your under-eye. Then use a slightly damp brush to smudge the liner and powder together, as well as to smear the shadow out and up a bit.

Now, smear some black liner into your lower lash line and then line your upper and lower waterline. Finish with a couple of coats of mascara AND YOU'RE READY TO PARTY.

I added a nude lip with MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in Putty ($25). It's a peachy pink with a smidgen of shine. The end result is just the right amount of messy and pulled together. And what's sexier than that?

How do you do a smoky eye? Do you even like a smoky eye? It's not for everyone. For me it's lived-in and comfy, like an old pair of boots!