These 3 Fashion Week Makeup Looks Are as Bold as They Are Simple

When I want to do something minimalist, I always ruin it by adding way too many things, but I saw these looks as a challenge.

I don't really follow Fashion Week. Besides the Yeezy live stream on Tidal, I haven't seen any shows from any of the cities they're taking place in. It's just not for me.

What I do care about is the beauty. Most of the latest beauty trends are way too weird for me, but looking at Fashion Week beauty, I did notice something. Many looks were quite high-impact, but low-maintenance. They all seemed like no-nonsense looks that you can just do in five minutes with two products. It was all very cool girl beauty.

I'm either just not cool enough to pull off cool girl beauty, or I just enjoy the process of applying makeup too much. I finish my looks, always. When I want to do something minimalist, I always ruin it by adding way too many things.

I saw these fashion week looks as a challenge: can I pull this off? Sometimes you just have to try something new, especially when you're in a makeup rut.

Graphic blue cat-eyes at Chromat

The models at Chromat wore this really cool blue graphic cat eye. I first saw the look on the MAC Cosmetics Tumblr, and it was pictured there that they were wearing their gel liner. I didn't own that, so I had to improvise here.

Silver eyes at Giulietta

The models at Giulietta were wearing a silver eye look. I thought it looked quite normal for the amount of silver that they were wearing. I think that's because everything else was so toned down that I wasn't even sure if they were wearing any makeup at all.

Messy smoky eyes at Adam Selman

This Adam Selman look was incredibly cool-girl-beauty if you ask me. No shade to the makeup artists, but their eye makeup just looked poorly done. I know it's on purpose, but still. It was messy and creased, and normally I try my hardest to prevent creased eyeshadow.

After trying three minimal looks, I'm still just not convinced. Maybe my face is just supposed to be wearing a lot of makeup, or I have a serious brain problem. I do think it's good to sometimes break your habits like using mascara and filling in your eyebrows. I didn't think I could look fresh-faced without those two things. Apparently I can, but I don't think that I will.

Normally I'm team all or nothing when it comes to doing makeup: I do a full face or I wear nothing at all. Maybe it's because it only takes me 18 minutes to complete my entire uncool girl routine.