A Dramatic Glitter Eye Look Reinterpreted From Thakoon's Fall Collection

A gilded alternative to the traditional smoky look, using stuff you probably shouldn't put near your eyes.
Publish date:
October 3, 2013
eyeshadows, glitter, fashion week, gold, off the runway, Thakoon

In last week's glitter piece, I had a request for a wearable version of Thakoon's A/W 2013 gorgeous navy and gold eyeshadow look. Your wish is my command, so here is my interpretation. It's pretty toned down, but you can add more glitter to amp it up.

For the eyes, I didn't have a navy blue eyeshadow, so decided to experiment with some of the colours in Urban Decay's Book of Shadows IV, a limited edition set that you can score on Ebay.

I used a combination of Blue Bus, Gunmetal, Cobra and Gravity to create a dark blue shade. Their single shadow in Evidence would be a great option.

Then I used some glitter glue and loose glitter for the eyes. (I didn't have any gold pigment lying around so I had to improvise.) I wouldn't advise using glue, but loose glitter mixed with a bit of setting spray could work. (To remove, soak a cotton pad in eye makeup remover, leave it over your closed eye for a bit, then gently wipe off.)

First, apply the blue shadow all over your lid in your desired shape.

I then applied the finer glitter on top first (the glue), followed by the larger pieces.

Eyebrows are quite full, so I filled mine in using Anastasia Brow Kit in Brunette.

I preferred this with no mascara, but you can add it in if you want.

This look calls for for a clean face, so I used my trusty IOPE Air Cushion compact which photographs quite nicely. I also used Tom Ford's Shade and Illuminate on my cheekbones and skipped blush.

For lips, I used a concealer, then gloss on top. I hate nude lips on myself, but I think that's what make this look a bit more editorial, drawing more attention to the eyes.

Here is the finished look:

This isn't exactly a look I'd reach for everyday, but it does make for an interesting change from the traditional smoky eye. Would you add glitter to your eyeshadow? Any other makeup requests? Let me know in the comments!