Dotted Eyeliner Is Way Easier Than It Looks (But Just Let People Be Impressed with Your Skills)

You can be a little messy with it and it still works.
Publish date:
April 26, 2016
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When I wear liner, it's usually winged, but sometimes that can get a little boring. So sometimes I switch up my liner game with some dots.

For this look, I just did some dots where I normally do my winged liner. It's actually a lot of fun, and somehow seems easier to do โ€” probably because you can be a little messy with it and it still works.

I find using a felt tip liner like my Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner makes it a lot easier than anything else. You literally just stipple the shape of the liner you want. It's really easy!

I add some highlight on my lid and underneath my brow with the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette. I'm using Liberatus and my MAC 239 brush to pack it on.

Now I add some warm eyeshadow in and above my crease. I'm using the shade Solas from the Kat Von D palette with my MAC 217 blending brush.

Now I just use the same Solas color as before with my #781 Bdellium Tools brush underneath my waterline to add some definition.

I stipple little dots along the top lash line into the shape of a winged-out liner using my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner. Any stiff liner brush will work for this. You can make it as thick or heavy as you'd like. For this look, I'm just doing a lighter version.

Here's the final look.

I've also done a heavier version of this look before, and I find it to be really wearable.

It's pretty fun to go a little nuts with it, too, like I have in the bonus look I added below! It's definitely A LOT more dramatic.

This is how I like to start off the winged out liner with dots. I just mark where I want it to go by using the little dots. An easy trick is just looking straight into the mirror when mapping out where you want your liner to end up. It's the easiest way to balance it out. too.

So as you can see, I've gone full out into a cat-eye shape with the dots, and I'm adding the most dots to the corners. I mapped out the shape with the little dots again by looking straight on into the mirror.

Now I'm just adding dots underneath my waterline to further enhance that cat-eye shape.

Here I've just added my Nubounsom Bella Lashes on top, and as you can see the dots have created a pretty dramatic cat-eye effect.

When using dots, you can really play with shapes with ease, and you can also switch it up even more by using different colors. Have fun with it!