LOTW: Switch Up Your Cat Eye with Dotted Wings

And let's throw in an extra dot in the middle of the lower lashes, too.
Publish date:
August 13, 2015
eyeliner, winged eyeliner, liquid liner, Cat Eye

Since discovering the cat eye, I’ve been hard-pressed to switch up my liner game because I love it so much. I’m a big proponent of mixing things up, though, so I decided to give my classic cat eye an unexpected twist.

I skipped the shadow for this one, so I went ahead and applied my foundation and concealer first. Since I have oily lids, I still applied an eye primer and then dusted some powder over it to set it.

Once I did that, I took a liquid liner pen and traced a semi-thick line across my upper lash line.

With a regular liquid liner, I made three dots extending in the direction my wing would normally form.

I took that same liquid liner and connected the dot closest to the outer corner of my eye to the line I had drawn previously.

Next, I made a single dot with liquid liner underneath my lower lash line and finished the eyes off by adding a little mascara and applying false lashes.

I decided to go classic with the look overall and added a nude blush to my cheeks and a matte red lip color to my lips.

You all were lovely as usual last week; here are my favorite looks:

What are your favorite graphic shapes to work with when you’re experimenting with liner? What’s the wildest you’ve ever gotten with a liner look?