This Is the Palette That Made Me Believe in Eyeshadow Palettes Again

I love this palette. Yeah, I said it.
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September 19, 2016
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One beauty product that I constantly ignore is the eyeshadow palette. I'm not trying to be a hater, honestly; I just feel like there is so much hype about a new palette every other week. What are we even getting excited about anymore? I guess if you love them and enjoy the circus around them, then great! Lord knows I never miss a liquid lip, so I get it.

Plus, I have itty-bitty little almond-shaped eyes with hooded lids, so there's not much room to play. A lot of my feelings probably just stem from jealousy that I can't pull off wild eyeshadow looks — I'll admit that.

When I do wear shadow, it's just one or two shades of mid-toned nude brown or mauve — nothing groundbreaking, but it's pretty. I'm not fantastic at big eye looks because they don't flatter my eyes and face. I'm just not going hard with an eight-shade palette look. It doesn't make sense (to me).

A few weeks back, I was minding my own goddamn business, scrolling my way through Instagram, when I saw THIS.


Oh, I'M sorry, can a guy just keep to himself and dislike palettes without being proved wrong? Can't I just hate what I hate?

The gorgeous little banger you're staring at is the Dose of Colors EyeScream Palette, and it has me questioning every single thing I believe in.

It's not even that the palette is perfect, because I'm not totally sure it's the most cohesive collection of colors, but do I care? NO. It's basically made for me, so much so that it's scary.

First, the mattes: There is Berries N' Cream, a light cream with a hint of baby pink, a great base for the rest of the colors, making them more blendable. Cone, a mid-toned, carmely nude. Hot Fudge, a deep, cool brown. Berry Swirl, a purple-leaning mauve. Lavender Honey, a periwinkle lavender.

Then, the shimmers: Double Scoop, a deep brown with gold shimmer. Bubblegum, a shimmery pink. Banana Split, a shimmery gold. Sherbet, a shimmering dirty copper. And Mint Chip, a shimmering mint.

When it comes to shadows, or nails, or anything else, I'm a matte guy. I don't like any shimmer or iridescence anywhere, but this palette gets a pass because all of those nudes with the mint and lavender?! If my hair isn't lavender, it's mint green, so there's no way I could stay away from the EyeScream Palette.

I wanted to use the palette to achieve the eyes of my dreams, even if I'm not that great with bigger eye looks (and hadn't shaved in days).

The first look I did was a pretty standard set of nudes, which was really amped by Blueberry Swirl, the mauve.

First, I used Berries N' Cream as a base all over the lid. Then, I took Cone and swiped it all over my crease I'm also wearing this color alone on my lids at the moment and I love it. Quick current selfie:

Then I put Blueberry Swirl all over my lid. I deepened my crease with a little bit of Double Scoop at the outer corners of my crease, and finished things off by tapping Bubble Gum in the center of my lid.

Oh, I also highlighted my inner corner with Banana Split, which I forgot that I did until just now.

Full disclosure: this looked better (and blended) in real life. This is why I don't do shadow stories. BUT, I still love how it looks. The matte shades are very flattering, and the shimmers seem to glow off of my skin.

I winged it out with ColourPop's Descanso Gel Liner from spring of this year, a bright violet with a blue micro shimmer. I could have used a color that fit this mood better, but I'm always desperate to use this, and I never really use liner because my lashes are so damn thick that I don't need it.

Oh, and the lip is Stone, also from Dose of Colors. Dose has been doing liquids since before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. Their formula has always been one of my favorites, as has this color.

Second, I really wanted to use the lavender and the shimmery mint in the same look. Here are the colors I went with.

Berries N' Cream as a base again. Lavender Honey in the crease. Blueberry Swirl on the lid. Mint Chip in the center, and Bubble Gum in the tear duct.

There is a lot happening here, but I like it. Not something I'd wear every day, but it does a good job of showing off the colors that I'm definitely going to use again. Even the matte lavender seems to glow.

I love this palette. Yeah, I said it. This is a palette that I love. I'm finally a palette girl. You could clearly go 100 different directions with it; these are just two moderately executed options. I know everyone is doing palettes of all kinds, but you know when you find a beauty product that feels like it was just made for you? This is that for me.

My only gripe about the palette is that I wish the shadows were a bit more pigmented. They applied just fine for the most part, and blended nicely, but swatching them was unusually hard, even after I primed my forearm (LOL). I guess I can't complain if the eyeshadow worked well on my eyes and not my arm, but it was something I noticed.

Anyway, there you have it. I can no longer say I hate palettes because that this one flipped the script on me. I hate being proved wrong, but I love looking great, so I'll take this loss.

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