Suck at Blending? This Battery-Powered Foundation Brush is a Game Changer

Go go gadget brush!

Makeup gadgets always seem kind of needlessly expensive to me, but I'm always down to try something that claims it will make my getting-ready process easier.

Foundation blending brushes are my absolute favorite, so when Doll 10 sent me their blendSmart Rotating Foundation Brush I was curious to see the results.

The Claim

According to Doll 10, the blendSmart brush is supposed to blend foundation quickly, evenly, and flawlessly by rotating 360 degrees.

What You Get

The blendSmart comes with a brush base (there are mutliple brush heads available), a standard brush-head attachment, and a lithium ion battery. You assemble it by adding the battery in the base of the brush and inserting the brush head into the top of the base until you hear it snap together.

So, Does It Work?

I tried this brush with four types of base products—tinted moisturizer, cream, liquid, and liquid to powder—a cream contour, and a concealer to see if performance was consistent.

Each time I added my normal amount of product, turned the brush on and glided it across my face in slow strokes (the instructions indicate not to move the brush in circular motions as the brush rotates on its own). In each case, I found that I actually needed to use less product because the brush seemed to spread it out over a wider surface area.

With the exception of the tinted moisturizer, the brush also seemed to blend everything out swiftly and seamlessly without any streaking. In the case of the tinted moisturizer the finish was a little less even (but honestly, I usually just use my fingers for tinted moisturizer anyways).

Blending my foundation is something that I take a lot of time doing because I want the finish to be a smooth as possible. I didn't find that this brush made a huge difference in the overall finish of my foundation, but I did find that it took significantly less time to blend and the finish was slightly more skin-like. Where I did see a pretty big difference is in how well it blended my contour shade and concealer. Usually, I have to spend forever buffing them out and ultimately diffusing them with powder, but this brush really did the trick in a lot less time.

What I think impressed me most is that it actually seemed to make my foundation appear fresher longer. By the end of the day, each time I used it, my foundation seemed to be fully intact rather than slightly faded in my T-zone (typical for me). I didn't use any new foundation formulas or setting powders, so I think the brush just did such a good job of buffing it in that it held up longer.

My one serious dislike about this brush is that it's noisy. Like, small-power-tool noisy. When you first turn it on it's a soft hum, but once you touch it to your face it makes more of a sound. It didn't hurt my ears or anything, but if you're sensitive to sound, I would skip it. I find the noise mildly annoying, but I'm willing to put up with it overall.

As far as cost goes, this brush runs about $66 (sometimes on sale for $58) so it is definitely not cheap. If you are someone that is a regular foundation wearer and concerned about getting a good blend, I personally think it would be worth it (especially because the brush head doesn't have to be replaced; it can be cleaned like a regular brush). However, if you don't wear makeup regularly, I don't think it would be cost-effective for you.

I was pleasantly surprised by this brush (especially considering the last gadget I used was not so great) and am looking forward to continuing to use it. I like that it can be used for multiple purposes as well because it means I have fewer brushes to clean (I just spot-clean it in-between foundation, concealer and contour).

  • Are there are any new beauty gadgets you guys have tried or are dying to try?
  • Do you typically stick to high-end or low-end brushes?