Tutorial: Doe Eyes For Day-To-Night Glam

Take your makeup from work to play with this bright-eyed look.
Publish date:
December 17, 2014
Revlon, Rimmel, cat-eye, shimmer eye shadow, NYX Cosmetics, neutral eye shadow, brown eye shadow

Working as a barista in college, my coworkers and I always joked that tips were lower on the days when we didn't wear makeup. It was around that time that I started wearing what I dubbed The Doe Eye, a soft, shimmery brown-and-pink look paired with a cat-eye.

It conveyed the perfect combination of sweetness and cluelessness, so people thought I needed money, but also deserved it, too, because I was so nice. My tips were at least 25% higher when I wore The Doe Eye (cross my heart).

What I really love about this looks is that it’s subtle enough for work, but classy enough for going out afterward. That tip money isn’t going to spend itself!

I start by applying NYC BB Cream in Light around my nose and under my eyes to even out redness. Then I put on some KISS brand false lashes (putting lashes on over shadow can be tricky).

Priming the lids with a swipe of toner and primer helps with blending and staying power. After that's done I cover my entire eyelid with a base of light pink shadow. I have slightly hooded lids, and I feel like this monochromatic wash opens them up a bit.

Taking the warm brown shade from my new Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette, I define my crease to the outer edge and blend. My technique for blending is to lightly work the brush in circular motions, using the edge of my socket as a guide.

Using a fluffy shadow brush, I dust a pearly pink shade over the lighter shadow to add dimension and widen my eyes to baby deer proportions. I skip the white eyeliner in my waterline because I think it makes people look like weird androids, but if you need it, go for it. If we ask if you’re a robot you have to answer honestly--it’s the law.

To give this look some polish, I add a smooth cat-eye and curl and coat my lashes with mascara. I used Revlon’s Lash Potion, but didn’t love it: The brush wasn’t dense enough for my thin lashes, and the formula dried out and flaked rather quick.

For the rest of my face, I use a tawny blush--100% Pure’s Cocoa Berry, to be exact--and a nude lip color. I’m currently loving Rimmel’s Coral Shimmer--despite the name, there’s just a hint of shimmer. It took me ages to find a nude that I liked that wasn’t too drying, but I still layer some balm underneath. Last is my winter go-to: A whisper of NYX Born to Glow on my Cupid’s bow and high on my cheekbones for extra definition.


  • Do you have a standard look that takes you from work to play?
  • How old were you when you started wearing eye shadow? I think I was in thick, black eyeliner by 11, but didn’t really do shadow until I was almost 20!