Sexy Attack Eyebrows Inspired By 'Doctor Who'

Get ready to take bottle tops off with your perfectly cross brows.

The new Doctor has landed, and so have his eyebrows.

In addition to being a pretty great Independence Referendum joke, I’m glad that they’ve acknowledged the beauties that are The Capaldi Brows. And while my own eyebrows are nowhere near as naturally impressive, they’ve improved a lot since I put down the tweezers and began regrowing them.

But to get my eyebrows up to full Attack Brow status, filling them in is essential. It defines the shape, changes the color and generally provides a good frame for my face. They aren’t crosser than the rest of me, but if they set up an Independent State of Eyebrows, I’d definitely want citizenship.

There are a million ways to define your eyebrows, and everyone out there has a different method. Today I’m going to show you how I do it. Get ready to take bottle tops off with your perfect brows.

Step 1: Prepare your products.

I don’t love eyebrow pencils. THERE, I’VE SAID IT. Because I’m a bit of a control freak, I want maximum blendable control with the color and product that I use, and it’s far harder to get that in pencil form.

I am a ride or die liquid or gel girl. Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow is the gold standard for its comfortable gel hold, waterproofness and superb range of colors. You can also use an eye shadow in your chosen shade moistened with contact lens solution and applied with an angled brush to get a similar look.

To get your eye shadow to the correct consistency, add one drop of the contact solution to the surface, and mix with your brush until you’ve got a thick, mud-like liquid.

If you’re using a gel or cream, obviously you don’t have to do that part. Take a blob of product and get your brush and you’re ready to go!

Step 2: Consider your shape.

If you want to get totally crazy-go-nuts with your brow shape, DO YOU. Otherwise, keep your brow definition pretty close to your natural shape. Some of you (OK, mostly Rachel) have noticed that my brow shape now is a lot longer, flatter, and fuller than it was before.

This is because the higher I shape my arch, the thinner my brows have to be to create it. And because robust brows are in, this low, flat shape really works for me.

Step 3: Line work.

As with cat-eyes, the secret to brows that match is doing each step to both brows, one at a time. Don’t finish an entire eyebrow and then start the second one; that is how mistakes happen. Brows are sisters rather than twins, but you still want them to have a strong family resemblance.

First, you’re going to define the inner half of your eyebrows. Draw a delicate line with your angled brush beginning almost--but not quite!--at the inner corner of your brow and extending up at a gentle angle to your arch (or the place where your arch would be). Do this on both sides before moving on to the next step.

Next, extend that line from the point at the arch where you ended your first line out to the end of the brow's "tail."

Now, smooth out the sharp angle where these two lines meet so that you don’t look like an angry cartoon character. Draw a gentle curve if you’re rocking a super dramatic arch, or a more serious one if you want almost NO arch at all. My style is quite flat, so I get rid of this angle almost completely.

Next I draw a tapering line from the highest point of my brow’s arch (where it’s thickest) and extend it down until it meets the very end of the tail. In addition to giving shape to the tail, this little notch will tell me how “tall” to make my eyebrows when I define the top.

This gives your your basic shape. Now we go to…

Step 4: Fill it in!

I stick to a modified gradient brow that follows the natural way that your hair grows: light at the inner corner, thicker and darker underneath and at the tail, and gentle at the top. This looks defined, but not Uncanny Valley.

First I blend my lower line upward so that they're no longer so harsh. I also make sure the tail is filled in, if I haven’t done so already.

Then I define my top line. If you look closely at eyebrows, you’ll see that they don’t all grow sideways--the hairs along the top, for example, grow down and out. Instead of drawing a hard line like you did underneath, use a very small amount of product and brush along the top, following the direction of the hairs. This gives soft definition.

Using the same following-the-direction-of-the-hairs technique, fill in the rest of your brows. The final step is getting that inside part.

Use the smallest amount of product possible for the inner corner. Holding the brush so that the edge is horizontal, brush upward, following the orientation of the hairs again. You’ll end up with a very soft, gently defined inner corner that neatly fades into the rest of your brows.

Step 6: Clean up.

If your bottom line isn’t quite as clean as you’d like, clean it up with some liquid concealer and a flat brush! Apply a small amount of concealer to the brush and run it right underneath your lower line. Blend it downward towards your eye. VOILA!

If that's too much, you can also use a concealer brush to apply some matte or satin eye shadow in a shade matching your skin under the lower brow line. This gives a similarly cleaned-up look that's a bit more natural.

Your eyebrows are now done and ready to attack the world...WITH GLAMOUR.

Are they crosser than the rest of you? Who knows! They’re certainly just as stylish!

And that's how I define my brows! What is your go-to brow definition technique? What is your chosen product? Does anyone want to defend super-sharp Instagram brows? What do my fellow Whovians think about the new Doctor?