I Believe in Fairies and False Eyelashes, Which is Why I Love This New Tinker Bell Lash Collection

To incorporate one of my all time favorite characters into my makeup obsession.... well, that's just enough to make me fly.
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July 13, 2016
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Faith, trust, and pixie dust. These five little words have gotten me through a lot. In times of trouble, I cling to the hopes and dreams that I imagined as a child. The promise of a Neverland — a place of creativity and light, with pirates, mermaids, and best of all, fairies — has helped me to transcend my moments of desperation, panic, and hopelessness.

When I was younger, I read every faerie book in the land, obsessively googling ways to conjure them. Though my glitter and good wishes didn't quite seem to work, I never stopped believing in the magic.

Tinker Bell was always my favorite.

I have a soft spot for Disney, which has been an integral part of my personality since... well... birth. Disney, however, does not always tend to create the most feminist of characters. But Tink — she was ahead of her time. She was sassy and sultry and everything I wanted to be if and when I grew up. I had T-shirts, backpacks, and dozens and dozens of pins depicting her image. I was obsessed.

When House of Lashes sent me their new Disney Tinker Bell false lashes collection, I jumped at the chance. I wear lashes every single day. To incorporate one of my all time favorite characters into my makeup obsession.... well, that's just enough to make me fly.

Neverland is the most natural of the three pairs in the collection. The hairs are defined, long, and flirty. They're light, pointed clusters instead of clumps. Because they're longer at the center and taper down at the inner and outer corners, I recommend these lashes for those with almond-shaped or narrower eyes with more space on the brow bone than on the lid. The extra lift at center gives the eyes a more wide-awake and open look.

Because the lashes are a bit more natural, the band is more flexible and perfect for beginners. These lashes are great for everyday use, giving extra length, rather than volume. These are like the Wendy of the lashes: soft, feminine, subtle, and sophisticated. These will certainly be reserved for my no-makeup-makeup days.

These lashes are a bit more my speed. Double-stacked, wispy, and voluminous (in a believable way rather than a caterpillar-on-your-eye-lid sort of way). The criss-crossing of both rows of the lash hairs give a more realistic look to the pair. They flair up and out, giving extra lift to the eye.

Like the Neverland, these have the most length at the center of the band, making them suitable for almond-shaped eyes. The additional volume makes them perfect for those with more lid space and for those who have deep-set eyes. The length and lift upward with volume at the base will help to open up and balance the planes of the eye.

This pair is not so supportive for those with less lid space (unless you like that sleepy, bedroom-eyed look, like Pearl from RuPaul's Drag Race, which is my personal signature look, in which case, they're perfect). Because the lashes are double-stacked, the band is a bit thicker than that of the Neverland. I always like to softly bend the band at the center a bit so the lash will hug my eye more closely. This step is especially important if you have rounder eyes.

These lashes are a certainly more fairy-like. Flirty, fluffy, and fun.

I will probably wear this pair 525,698 times until it literally disintegrates like fairy dust on my fingers (more likely for three weeks, which is my usual rate for lashes, but still).

This pair is double-stacked as well; the bottom layer is natural, fluffy, and wispy, while the top layer is chunky, piecey, and spiky (which is my favorite look). That super-defined, sharp look screams animation and cartoon, which allows this pair to really embody Tinker Bell — sharp and on-point, yet whimsical and playful.

This pair also is smallest at the inner corner and progressively gets bigger and longer toward the outer corner, which is perfect for those with down-turned or close-set eyes. It's like winged liner without, well, the liner.

Like the Forever Tink pair, this band is a bit more stiff, so make sure you pinch it in at the center to encourage the curve of the band.

Each pair of lashes costs $15 (which is a sensible price for a reusable lash, especially with such a sturdy band — any pair over $20 makes me crumble inside). House of Lashes also offers a Tinker-Bell-themed lash adhesive, which is formaldehyde- and latex-free, with a brush-tip applicator (my favorite type of adhesive). If you have a hard time applying lashes, try to apply a thin line of glue slightly above the lash line rather than to the band itself, so that the eyelid won't become a big, sticky, gooey mess if you accidentally misplace the band the first couple of tries.

I generally have to cut lashes to fit my eyes, but these fit me perfectly. If you do have to cut the strip, remember to measure the band against your eye first before applying the adhesive, and cut from the outside in.

That's all for now, but you know where to find me: second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning!

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