There’s a New Makeup Brand at My Drugstore and I’m Already Madly In Love With It

Where has MUA been all my life?
Publish date:
April 28, 2016
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On many occasions, I have complained about Dutch drugstores and their makeup selection. But the other day, I was browsing my local drugstore and I found a shiny display filled with brand new products that I'd never seen before — a new brand! I was so excited!

The brand was MUA: Makeup Academy. I don't know exactly when this brand launched, but I'm sure it was before the days where every Instagram selfie was tagged with #MUA.

I decided to pick up some products.

I got:

  • Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless
  • Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush in Spry
  • Lipstick in Bare
  • Mega Volume Mascara
  • Pro-Base Fixing Mist

The lip lacquer caught my eye first. I don't even like to admit it, but I've fallen for the liquid lipstick craze. I immediately liked how luxurious the packaging looked. I opted for the color Reckless, which is a beautiful true red.

The applicator is just your regular doe-foot applicator, and it works. On your lips, the lipstick feels very velvet-like. It's not as long-lasting as some of the really popular liquid lipsticks; however, it doesn't really move a lot either. You can also apply multiple layers of the product, so touch ups are really easy. Some liquid lipsticks really don't like touch ups, but that's not the case with this one.

I'm really impressed! The color is super-pigmented and bright. I did notice, however, that not all the liquid lipsticks had the same pigmentation as some of the brighter shades were a little less pigmented.

I picked up the Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush because I don't own any matte blushes and the color looked great. I'm also a big fan of cream blushes, so this seemed to be right up my alley.

I was happily surprised with this one, too! I think the color looks great against my skin tone, it's easy to blend, and it doesn't mess with your makeup underneath. That's my biggest pet peeve about cream or liquid products, but this is a good one.

I just had to try one of the regular lipsticks, I paid €2,29 for mine, but in the UK they're only a pound! What a steal! I opted for this lovely light-pink nude shade, called Bare. The lipstick feels soft, creamy, non-sticky and it doesn't have a weird scent. This is such good value for money! I think I'm going to opt for this color more and more as summer comes.

This mascara has a silicone wand, which is the type of mascara wand of my preference. It holds the curl nicely, and it easily coats the lashes with a dark layer. It makes my lashes look full and long, so I'm happy.

I have quite sensitive eyes and they often get irritated by mascaras, but I have no issue with this.

Pro-Base Fixing Mist is one of the first setting sprays I've seen at the drugstores here, and they even had two options: a matte and a dewy one. I opted for the dewy one (of course).

Since I've started using this spray people have commented on how "skin-like" my skin looks, so it's definitely doing something right! It has a light scent, and I can't exactly tell what it is, but I don't mind it at all.

I'm super-happy with the addition of this brand to my drugstore, and I'm excited to pick up some more products of theirs. I've heard great things about their eyeshadow palettes as well, but I didn't get one because I had a lot of similar eyeshadow colors in my stash already. The product names and packaging might be different in whichever country you're in — MUA is sold at CVS in the US — but they are definitely worth a try.

  • Are you familiar with MUA?
  • Why do you think some brands have different product and shades names in different countries for the same products?