Blue Eye Makeup Is My JAM, and It Can Be Your Jam, Too

Reach for that blue eyeshadow you probably threw in the back of a drawer somewhere.
Publish date:
March 9, 2016
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As far as bold beauty looks go, I tend to go all-caps BOLD or stay home. The trouble with a constant craving for out-there makeup is absolutely nothing actually — but sometimes a girl gets burned out on trying to top everything.

My Rx when I'm feeling some beauty boredom is generally to put some blue eye makeup on it. I've tried violets, greens, bronze, or whatever, but I always come back to blue. I like the way it contrasts with my olive skin and brown eyes. I've even figured out a way to wear it that are downright subtle. Like, I'd go to a job interview like this (guess which one!).

Here's a few looks to get you reaching for that blue eyeshadow you probably threw in the back of a drawer somewhere.

The simple, clean, graphic look of blue on blue doesn't take but a minute to execute (kind of like just doing a basic cat-eye with mascara if you didn't care about getting the cat-eye just right) and looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I also like how under-liner appears to give everyone a bit of a bedroom gaze.

I like to think of this as the ingenue secretary look from an early 2000s indie film. It's "quirky" for a stuffy office but otherwise pretty tame. What elevates it is giving your skin that highlight — it says, "This ain't some slapdash job I did in my rearview mirror. I meant to do my makeup like this!" Which is totally something someone asked me once. How rude.

Cat-eyes always mean business, whether they're really dramatically winged or just a baby flick. Put some blue behind it and you're instantly rock-and-roll. The fun part is deciding if you want to also do a bold lip. I clearly didn't, opting for just balm (really sticking to this whole one-part-emphasis rule here) because this is mostly about eye makeup. But I wouldn't stop you if you swept on some deep burgundy lip color. Just sayin'.

  • What's your go-to bold makeup color choice?
  • Did your mom also have a ton of bright jewel-tone makeup that will forever be burned into your memory?