If You Hate Mascara, You Will LOVE This Mascara

I never thought this day would come.
Publish date:
June 14, 2015
mascara, tubing mascara, DHC, polymers

Hate to brag, but I have mad decent eyelashes. Not trying lash extensions is akin to my aversion to most drugs: already hyper, don’t need more energy, already got fly lashes, don’t wanna jeopardize 'em. I generally skip mascara because I hate residue all around my eyeballs. Though I used to be an eyeliner aficionado, now the sight of any residue caught all up in my lashes makes me run screaming for micellar water.

When you are an eyeliner/mascara pro, the night-before’s slight tinge actually helps with your line game. If you want perfectly naked eyes. you mostly have to abstain from any black eye makeup, waterproof or not. My lids are hooded and oily, and my bottom lashes long: a recipe for smear city if I ever heard one.

Kelly has written about drugstore tubing mascara options, and I was intrigued, but I forgot about it until DHC started making one. DHC is a brand I actually have gotten quite into of late—my first experience was trying their colloidal silver and platinum containing products, I thought they were incredibly healing and great for acne and redness prone. I don’t know about you, but when I like other things from a brand, I am more likely to try something else from them that I would normally avoid.

I never thought this day would come. I find myself shocked that a mascara would be so poppin' that I would find myself addicted to its effects. This DHC mascara, called Perfect Pro Double Protection ($18.50), coats lashes in an opaque, matte, polymer liquid that can give you insane length and definition if you apply carefully.

So what makes tubing mascara so perfect for anti-eye-makeup peeps? Polymers are a beauty wonder, simply put. They power hair products, makeup, and skincare by adding texture, helping things adhere to skin, keeping things in place, etc. Polymers are found in hairspray, makeup setting spray, styling products, and primers. In this case, the polymers and colorants coat lashes with a literal tube of product, and because the makeup sticks to itself, you are able to add more and more until you get a desired effect. The molecules stick together and dry locked down, making them resistant to water and oil, but not completely immune to them.

I kind of knew I would love this baby at first glance; the brush is tiny, flexible, and very maneuverable. One thing I loathe about most mascaras is how the brush gets all over my face, ruining everything! This brush is small enough to get the teeny tiny lashes close to the inside corner of my eye, really making eyes pop. If I applied mascara to my bottom lashes, I would look like Oblina from AAAH! Real Monsters, and that’s not a good look unless also wearing stripes and trying to scare the piss out of a small child.

When you rinse off and rub gently with warm water, the entire formula pills and rubs away, leaving not a trace. That is the biggest selling point for me other than perfect and natural looking lashes. My game, changed. My makeup life, just a pinch easier. I am a happy camper.

  • Who makes your fav tubing mascara?
  • Anyone else super-into it?