Steal Debbie Harry’s Makeup Look Right Out Of Andy Warhol’s Portrait

This is basically a guide on how to be a glamorous rock star.

Debbie Harry is nothing short of amazing. She ran around
with all the kids from The Factory, was one of Andy Warhol’s muses, and made the best
music with Blondie.

She’s like the badass chick in school that didn’t care about
the rules and pulled everything off seamlessly. We all wanted to be her friend,
but she was too busy making music and doing drugs. Actually, I probably would
have been her best friend.

And have you guys seen Andy Warhol’s portrait of her? It’s a simple photo of her showcasing how effortlessly glamorous she

She’s wearing the prettiest smoky pink lid, pinkish-reddish
lips, and of course, tons of bronzer under her cheekbones to make her even more glamorous. She did the disco look, but always brought her edgy, rock 'n' roll glamour.

It’s easy to say that she was always on-point with
her beauty choices. Like, have you guys seen the music video for "Heart of Glass"? Her makeup is pure gold. (Maybe I’ll write a tutorial for that later--her glossy lips and smoky silver eyes in the video are so dreamy.)

Anyways, this is about Andy Warhol’s photo! You should
probably play some Blondie while you’re doing this.


After investing 20 minutes looking at Debbie Harry on the Internet,
I came to the conclusion that she wears foundations that catch the
light very well. I opted for the Auto
Pilot BBB Cream by Napoleon Perdis in their
lightest shade.

It’s my first time trying it, and it is amazing! It provides
great coverage and feels light on the skin. It has a subtle shimmer that
catches the light very well, and SPF 30. I
actually think I am switching over to this BB cream as soon as I run out of my
current one.

I used a MAC bronzer in Golden, a shimmery gold, instead of
a blush to add color and definition to my face. I contoured my cheekbones,
temples and jawline and used it sparingly on my cheeks.


I bought a really great eye shadow recently and knew it
would be perfect for this look.

It is Napoleon Perdis
Color Disc Eye Shadow in Pink Slink. It’s highly
pigmented and goes on smooth and matte. A little goes a long way with this one,
so if you try it I suggest applying it to the back of your hand first and
building up to the shade of pink you want.

(I am actually so obsessed with Napoleon
Perdis right now. I need more of his products!)

First start with a shimmery pearl base. I used Sin, a
shimmery champagne shade, from the Naked Pallet on my lids all the way up to
the brow bone.

Then I took Pink Slink and dabbed it on with my fingers all
over the lid, avoiding the brow bone.

To add depth, I used Hustle, a plum satin shade, from the
Naked Palette and pressed it with a brush on my outer lids close to the lash
line. I wanted to keep the eyes fresh and avoid dark eyes, so I used Hustle

I then took a clean brush and blended everything together. I
also brushed some of the color towards my lower lash line and went back and
applied more of the shimmery champagne shade to the brow bone.

Next, I took a black eyeliner pencil and lined the outer lower
waterlines. I also lined the upper waterline to give the eye a little extra
boost. I smudged it a tiny bit and apply several coats of black mascara. The
goal here is to have big and dramatic eyelashes.


In the photo, Debbie’s lips are a strong red, but definitely
have pink undertones. It is a tricky shade to match, so I blended three different
products to get the perfect color.

First I applied Ulta
Lip Crayon in Glamour all over my lips. It is a
bright, strong red that goes on like any other lip crayon would, but it's $8 and
stays on all night. I have seriously worn it on a night out, had several drinks
and passed out only to wake up with it still on. Best inexpensive
lip crayon ever.

I then took the pink eye shadow I used earlier, Pink Slink,
and dabbed it on top of Glamour. I wanted a glossy finish, so I added a sheer
pink Kevyn Aucoin Gloss in Cloudaine for shimmer.

And you’re done!

What do you guys think? I’ll never be as cool as Debbie, but
maybe one day I’ll dye my hair blonde and get a record deal.