Screw The Rules: Let's Wear Dark Lipstick In Springtime!

The darker the lipstick, the sweeter the... juice?
Publish date:
April 3, 2013
lipsticks, mac, tom ford, dark lips

When you’ve lived close to the equator most of your life, the only concept you have of seasons is when you get an invitation to a brand’s Spring/Summer party or Fall/Winter preview.

Even then, when I attend these things, I find myself scoffing at the thicker-than-my-thighs coats that I see on the sample racks. What madwoman will be seen on Orchard Road (that’s our equivalent of Madison Avenue) with leather pants and a coat in 90-degree weather?

Not I.

Because I don't really notice or care about the change of seasons, I wear bright lipsticks all year round. I know darker hues start popping up all over the interwebs when fall hits, with every blog and its mother telling you which vampy shade will suit your skin tone, but I really like my shocking pink lipstick. It brightens up the dullest of days, and matches my highest of spirits. Also, I look good in it.

Recently however, I tried black|Up Cosmetic’s 2-in-1 Lip Pencil in a super-dark purple shade, and I suddenly, I was convert.

So far, I’ve bought Tom Ford’s Black Orchid lipstick, which is a deep--profound--crimson, and MAC’s Rebel, a rich plum, which I'm wearing above. It makes me want to actually rebel--against lipstick rules, at least.

When I put on Black Orchid to go out for brunch the other day, my boyfriend asked (hesitantly) if I was a bit overdressed. I was wearing a crop top! The dark lips totally transformed the look--and I kind of loved it. I think I'm going to keep on wearing goth-y, autumn-appropriate colors all the way through until it's actually autumn.

Do you ever wear dark lipstick in the warmer months? Why or why not? What are your favorites? I MUST EXPAND MY COLLECTION!