Dark, Glittery Eyeshadow Up To (And On!) Your Brows

You've been told not to do this because you've been surrounded by lamewads your entire life.
Publish date:
August 30, 2013
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Maybe this belongs in the "do this don't" realm, but I actually really love the look of shadowing the brow bone. And not with some white-washing highlighting shade. I'm thinking dark taupes, blues, or sparkly-oil-slick green.


Start with your regular foundation or concealer routine, and any contouring-type stuff.


Brush a dark shadow starting at the crease up into the brows. Yes, into the brows. I used to love wearing glitter in my eyebrows in college; I was the prettiest and coolest girl at the jam space. I was the only girl ever at the jam space...

Urban Decay really does do the best shimmer eyeshadows.


I'm obsessed with RMS after getting my first taste. (Ha...)

Their Lip2Cheek pastes melt so easily into the skin, so they're hard to make not look like a natural flush.


Another product I've been obsessing over is Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain. It's a slightly thinner and less glossy version of my other dream lip stain. The "Aura Flush" shade is like a neon version of just-brushed-my-teeth lips. You know what I'm talking about? Do your lips turn the perfect shade of pink after brushing?

It's a super-easy look to recreate but looks so strange and amazing. Maybe even a little scary, so try to smile a lot.