How-To: A Cut-Crease Smoky Eye

It's like a blackbird meets bandit meets feline.
Publish date:
February 20, 2015
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Cosmetically speaking, I tend to keep things low-key. I mean, sure, I'll wear a bright pink lipstick every once in a while, or I'll spring for some falsies when I'm feeling particularly feisty, but anything more than a smoky eye or a baby cat-eye upon my lids is not really my "go-to." That is, until now.

I recently dabbled in the world of greens and purples, and the other day I did more a smoldering eye than I'm used to before grabbing drinks with friends.

So when I got an email from xoVain HQ with an image of Lindsey Wixson sporting the smokiest, most-dramatic cat-eye I'd ever seen and asking me to recreate it, I didn't hesitate.

Now, this isn't a look I'd wear to the grocery store, or on a date, or even for a night with the girls. But you know where I did wear it? Around my house all day long. And I felt pretty fabulous. (I also hoped a delivery person would knock on my door so I could see his or her reaction, but had no such luck.)

If you're feeling gutsy enough to wear this one out of the house--or want to try your hand at a less dramatic version--here's the how-to.

Step 1: Prime, baby.

I applied Foxy across my entire lid and up to my brow. If you're recreating, choose a matte color that matches your skin tone.

Step 3: Draw an extended cat-eye.

Using an eyeliner or detail brush, draw a super extended cat-eye with matte black eye shadow. The outermost corner should extend just past your brows while the inner line should extend just onto the nose.

Step 4: Color inside the lines.

Using a small makeup brush, fill in the V-shape with black eye shadow. You'll likely experience some fallout. Just tap your brush before applying the shadow and then clean up after you're finished. After filling in, blend out the line where black meets neutral.

Step 5: Line.

With a gel or cream eye shadow and angled eyeliner brush, apply a thick line across your lids. Smudge it out with your black eye shadow for an even smokier effect. Repeat on your lower lash line.

I contoured a little bit with highlighter on my cheekbones and matte bronzer underneath. Then I added some sheer pink gloss on my lips.

  • Thoughts? Would you wear this look outside of the house?
  • Someone told me that this makeup reminded them of the blackbird from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Yes? Yes. Does it remind you of anything?
  • Isn't my cat the cutest thing on the planet?