7 Cruelty-Free Beauty Present Ideas for the Conscious Gift Recipients on Your List

These gifts will make even an unconscious person happy.

I don’t know about you, but what I love most about the holiday season is that I get to listen to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" nonstop. What I don’t so much enjoy is deciding what gifts to get people. Don’t get me wrong — I love giving, but sometimes it’s just so hard to know what to give someone.

So this year, I did some research and checked out a few different beauty-related options. I try my best to buy cruelty-free beauty products, so here's a short list of some things that would make great gifts for anyone that’s into beauty and conscious products.

Velvet 59 Liquid Lipsticks

If you’re a bit of a makeup junkie, you know there are never enough lipsticks, lip creams, lip stains, etc., which is why a lip product like this wonderful muted berry liquid lipstick would be a pretty safe bet for a successful gift.

Velvet 59 has a vintage, retro feel to their brand, so it would be perfect for a vintage enthusiast. I am usually wary of lip creams as I don’t particularly enjoy the feeling on my lips once they’ve dried and set; however, this one is amazing and feels very nice and velvety! I didn’t find it to be drying at all, and I love the colour.

Zoeva Vegan Prime Brush Set

These brushes are absolutely luxurious, not to mention vegan. This one is a bit of a pricey gift at around $75, but it would be a great investment for a makeup beginner or someone that just needs an upgrade.

There’s a good variety of brushes and I haven’t experienced any shedding. I love that it comes with a handy little bag to store them, too.

Ardency Inn Modster Eyeliner Trio

This is an eyeliner trio, but... uh... I couldn’t find the third one for the photos. It’s a black eyeliner — use your imagination.

Ardency Inn is a brand that combines music and makeup in an edgy kind of way. This would be a very appropriate gift for music lovers, or anyone that likes funky, colourful eyeliners.

These do not budge and are really smooth. I like using the blue on my waterline to add a pop of colour to my look.

Australis Must Haves

Lord almighty, this one is full of value! You get $60 worth of products for $25. My mum actually purchased this for our family Kris Kringle this year as a gift for one of my cousins. It’s a great starter-pack for makeup and just all-around good additions to anyone’s makeup stash as they’re all products that get used on the regular.

I’ve used quite a few Australis products before, and they’re always fantastic quality and worth the price. Packs like this are good for stocking up on products as they’re so much cheaper than buying everything individually.

(I can’t seem to find a web link for this one, but my mum bought it from Kmart.)

NARS X Steven Klein Dead of Summer Palette

For NARS’s 2015 holiday collection, they collaborated with legendary fashion photographer Steven Klein to create an interesting and beautiful collection.

Being a photography student, this was like a match made in heaven for me. All of the packaging in the collection features images shot by Klein, and the eyeshadow palette has a very strange image on the front. I like it!

I believe the shades in the palette are the same formula as NARS Dual-Intensity eyeshadows. They’re beautiful shades for creating a smoky eye and have gold shimmer in them. It also comes with a black eyeliner that is creamy and glides on ever so smoothly.

Manic Panic Lipsticks and Cross Glosses

These lipsticks are not to be messed with. Manic Panic does a large range of lip shades in all different finishes; they're long-lasting and a little on the sheer side, which I like because I can build up as much colour as I desire. I love that they do dark, vampy colours as well as bright fun colours like green or blue, as well as nudes.

The Cross Glosses don’t have as large of a colour range, but they're all great nonetheless. They have a nice texture and wear well throughout the day.

Lush Gift Sets

Snow Fairy's Castle is a cute gift set for someone who might be a bit younger. Or not. It comes with two bath bombs, a shimmery Snow Fairy shower gel and Fairy Dust. When I opened it to take photos, there was glitter everywhere and it was a beautiful sight. Everything smells good, as you would expect from Lush, and it looks super-cute.

Merry Christmas is a very festive gift pack. It comes with an adorable Santa Claus bath bomb, and as well as three other bath bombs. Who doesn’t love a lovely-scented bath to wind down? Honestly, even if the recipient of the gift isn’t into baths, they look so pretty anyway.

Even though I looked around on the internet a bit earlier this year, I still somehow managed to be behind on Christmas shopping. So I guess my week is pretty sorted — I’ll be out Christmas shopping! I get to make my way through crowded shopping centres and cram on to public transport. Yay!

I hope you got some neat ideas on what to get your loved ones this Christmas, and I wish you good luck on hustling through the shopping craziness this season.