The CoverGirl Lip Lava Review You've Been Waiting For!

This is NOT your average lip gloss.
Publish date:
March 6, 2015
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I'm team lipstick all day every day so I very rarely venture into the world of lip gloss. When I saw the new CoverGirl Lip Lava glosses, my interest was piqued; the color selection seemed so vibrant and different.

Overall I love them and, as glosses go, they're a cut above. Here's my review.


I’m very picky about texture because I don’t like lip gloss to be too sticky or too thin. CG Lip Lava is definitely on the thick side, but I don’t find it to be so tacky that it makes my lips stick together. Each of these glosses has a shimmer/glitter finish, but I didn't feel any grit, which is pretty common in other shimmery lip glosses.

Shade Selection/Pigmentation

Like I said, the shade selection on this collection is super interesting. Despite all of these being shimmery, the finish is a bit different depending on the shade. Some appeared slightly sheer while others brought full pigmentation.


These shades were the lightest and least pigmented of the bunch. They all give a subtle wash of color, but I feel like the glitter is a lot more obvious. I think these are all OK, but I would probably only wear them over a lipstick or when I'm keeping my look low-key.

Getting Warmer

I loved these colors but the pigmentation was a bit inconsistent. It would take multiple coats to build to full opacity and by then I think the application would be too thick. I really do like the colors, though, so I'm still pretty happy with these.

Burning Hot

These were my favorite of the bunch because they packed the most pigment. And I thought the glitter really added a nice dimension to each shade, especially in the case of "Look, It's Lava!".


Even though I’m not a huge fan of stickier formulas, I will say that they lend themselves to longer wear. My lips stayed shiny and smooth most of the day; things never got gummy or weird like they can with other glosses.

  • Are you team lipstick or team lip gloss? Do you like a little shimmer in your gloss?
  • PSA time: What are the worst shimmer/glitter lip gloss formulas you've tried? Let's save each other some money/gritty lips!