I Hope This Rebooted Drugstore Foundation Never Gets Discontinued Ever Again, Because It's the Best

CoverGirl has restored my faith in foundation.
Publish date:
July 18, 2016
sensitive skin, covergirl, discontinued, foundation

I have struggled with finding a just-right foundation for-ever-er. It's literally like the quest for the holy grail or something. Does it exist? Maybe? Will I ever find it? Who knows?

I prefer lighter to medium coverage, but it still needs to be able to actually cover something. I've had so many mishaps with foundations breaking me out, undertone issues, patchiness, and wear time that I pretty much gave up on true foundations all together and just kick it with tinted moisturizers.

However, I picked up the CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Liquid Foundation in the shade 510 on an "oooh that's only $7" whim because my makeup memory bank told me it was a re-release of a previously discontinued foundation, and I wanted to investigate.

It's fragrance-free and oil-free, but it comes in only nine shades that are basically just varying degrees of tan; however, the Covergirl Clean foundation (same line, just not targeted to sensitive skin) does have a wider selection with 12 shades.

Totally barefaced I have some general redness, broken capillaries around my nose, spots, and really I could keep going and make a laundry list for you all, but you get the picture.

I dole out a dime-size amount on the back of my freshly washed hand and dot it all around my face, starting in the center and working out towards my hairline so there is less foundation at the edges of my face where I don't need as much.

This bottle doesn't come with a pump, which would have been great especially for the sensitive-skin version of this foundation — that way, less bacteria could get in the bottle. I'll let it slide because pumps are few and far between in the drugstore, and it would have upped the price.

I prefer to work this foundation in with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. This brush evenly distributes the foundation and gives a nice even finish. You can also apply with a sponge, which would amp up the coverage if you so choose.

When I first saw this foundation, I assumed it would be high-coverage because everything I've tried that advertises covering redness has been thick and pigment-heavy. Instead, this sits happily at a medium coverage; if you have drier skin, you could add a dab of moisturizer and thin it out to a lighter coverage. It builds nicely in light layers to give more coverage where needed.

You can see in the mega-close-up above how well this covered my general redness, odd spots, and especially the broken capillaries around the edges of my nose. But you can also still see my freckles, which is majorly important to me because they are just so darn cute.

You can really tell with the side by side — the foundation doesn't look heavy or cake-y and the texture is so realistic.

I love the skin-like, not-too-dewy, not-matte finish and how well it covers while looking so natural. It has yet to irritate my skin, which is a huge win. It sets down in just a few minutes, and without primer or powder will last a good eight hours or more depending on how oily you get.

If you are like me and turn into a giant ball of grease come the warmer months, I would use this one for inside days because you can sweat/grease through it way faster in the heat, but otherwise, this may just be my favorite foundation ever.

  • What's your favorite foundation?
  • Which discontinued beauty product would you love to see come back?
  • Any other sensitive-skinned gals want to swap foundation tips?