The Cheapest, Easiest Way To Cover Your Eyebrows

Make your brows temporarily disappear with the trick favored by the most innovative YouTube drag queens.
Publish date:
October 30, 2013
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The lovely xoVain audience is very brow-friendly, so I thought, what could be more dramatic than a complete brow transformation?

I was definitely not willing to part with my furry brows permanently, but luckily, there are many techniques to accomplishing the look of having no eyebrows.

I chose the cheapest technique, involving a $1.00 non-toxic glue stick.

After watching many YouTube videos of drag queens perfectly covering up their brows before applying their faux eyebrows, I decided to follow the advice of Karen Forecox since she and I have the most similar skin tone and furry brow type.

As per Ms. Forecox's instructions, I first applied the glue stick against the direction of my hairs, toward the center of my face, to get them covered in glue down to the roots.

Then I used the glue stick in the direction of the hairs (away from the center of my face) to flatten them out.

I used a brow brush/comb tool to brush the hairs flat. I made a part along each brow and brushed half the hairs upward and the bottom half downwards.

After about 10 minutes, the layer of glue dried, and I applied a second coat, again moving in the direction of the hairs outward from the center of my face.

I allowed this layer to dry for 10 minutes and then applied a third and final coat thicker than the first two.

Before this layer completely dried, I used my brush and comb tool to poke little holes in the glue. According to Karen, makeup will not stick to a completely smooth, slick surface of dried glue, so you want to make holes to somewhat mimic your skin’s natural texture.

I applied Ben Nye’s Super White Powder in a thick layer and had the sudden realization that I possessed none of the grace that YouTube drag queens demonstrate in their makeup tutorials.

Once the glue had fully dried, I brushed off the excess powder and applied Revlon Photoready Concealer.

This is a great base for so many of my Halloween costume ideas that I keep in a file saved on my computer like any sane person would do.

This is perfect for the popular sperm eyebrow look from Orange is the New Black...

You could also go as Edith Piaf or Josephine Baker...

Or even Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element if you’re feeling really adventurous...

The final look I chose for my costume was very different from all of the above, and you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it!