Let's See if the Cover FX Perfect Pencil Can Really Do All the Things It Claims

I put it to the test in five ways.
Publish date:
August 2, 2016
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Although I hoard lip products like there's no tomorrow, I like to keep my selection of base products simple. For about a year, for example, I haven't strayed from buying or using anything but my Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Foundation and my Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. They both last incredibly long on my shiny skin, and while the former is expensive to replace every few months, I've only had to repurchase the latter twice in three years. When I do decide to add something to my beauty routine, it has to be spectacular.

Enter Cover FX Perfect Pencil, a product with a name that immediately raises your expectations of it. Cover FX markets it as a multitasker that can define the lips, eyeliner wings, and brow arches, as well as conceal blemishes, and brighten the eyes.

Naturally, I was intrigued, so I tested it out five ways to see just how "perfect" it is.

What You're Getting

Perfect Pencil comes in plastic packaging and feels very thin when you grip it. It's pretty much a concealer stick, but in pencil form. The formula is creamy enough to glide easily over the skin, but once it sets, which it will do quite fast, it will not budge. In each pencil, you get .28 oz of product.

The range consists of 10 matte-finish shades, from porcelain to deep. Since other Cover FX base products accommodate a very wide range of skin tones, I expected to find more shades.

I tested out two shades, N Medium and N Light, with the former being the closer match to my skin tone, but still a bit light. As suggested by Cover FX, I used my skin-tone shade (N Medium) for the concealing and defining, and used the lighter shade (N Light) for brightening.


Pimple Cover-Up

Applying this as a blemish concealer was easy. I simply went over the blemish I wanted to conceal with the tip of the pencil as much as needed, and then patted the concealer a few times to blend it with the rest of my skin. I tested this on hot summer days without using setting powder, and it held up nicely, lasting the whole day, as long as I didn't rub it.

I normally use a wide concealer stick to cover up blemishes, but from using Perfect Pencil, I see the benefits of going smaller. First off, I end up using less product. Secondly, since the pencil has a fine tip, I can be very precise when covering up zits — something I'm not able to do when I'm patting cream concealer onto my zits with the pads of my fingers.

The one con is that if you tend to have larger zits, due to the size of the tip, Perfect Pencil wouldn't be very efficient at covering blemishes.

Eye Brightener

Since Perfect Pencil is supposed to be a (your) flesh-colored pencil, it looked more natural than a white or pink pencil on the waterline. The staying power was okay. It did not last the whole day (I have yet to find a waterline liner that will), but it did last a couple of hours, which is already more than some waterline liners out there. I would probably only use this on my waterline if I was going to take pictures right after.

Meanwhile, on the tear ducts, Perfect Pencil lasted all day, and the tip of the pencil fit well in the inner corner of my eye lid.

Brow Shaper

I sometimes define my brows with a flat concealer brush dipped in foundation, so switching gears and using a very thin pencil took some getting used to.The shape and size of the pencil gave me good control when I defined my brows. However, I had to blend with my fingers very fast since it sets quickly. And since the line it creates is very thin, I sometimes ended up going over the line and smudging inside the colored part of my brows.

Although it was a little tricky to use it to define my brows, once I got the hang of it, I could really notice a difference—my brows seemed more polished.

Eyeliner Definer

Cover FX suggests that you can use the pencil to define winged liner or the outer edge of your liner. I am not sure why you would want to, unless you are using powder liner or eyeshadow as liner, because you run the risk of going into your eyeliner and messing up the shape. Why risk it?

While trying to define my winged liner, I did end up messing it up with Perfect Pencil, and it was not easy to rub away since Perfect Pencil sets kind of fast. So be careful! On days when I didn't end up smudging my winged liner with this, my liner looked sharper than usual.

Instead of using Perfect Pencil to define liner, I would recommend using it to sharpen the outer area of your powder eye makeup because it works well on top of powder shadows.

Lip Definer

After applying lipstick, I used Perfect Pencil to create a smoother lip shape. I thought it worked ok, but I sometimes ended up moving the product from outside my lip line to inside my lip line by accident. Lipstick would end up on the tip of the pencil, so I would have to clean up the tip of the pencil before continuing to use it or else I'd smudge that lip color in the wrong areas.

I probably would not use this regularly as a lip definer, but it does look good when you use it correctly and blend it out.

Perfect Pencil excels as a spot concealer, and, if you know what you're doing and have a steady hand, would probably do well as a lip, brow and eyeliner definer.

However, I didn't find it to be a huge multitasker, since you need to get two shades to reap all the benefits. I think I would only use it as a spot concealer, because in my regular routine, I rarely define my brows, lips or eyeliner with a concealer.

  • What's your favorite multitasking product?
  • Which of the uses for this pencil would you be most interested in trying out?
  • How do you cover up zits?