Beauty White Whales, Plus COTW!

What coveted beauty item have you hunted high and low for?
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May 9, 2015
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I've wanted to get my hands on NYX Matte Lip Cream in the moody shades Copenhagen and Transylvania for over a year now. Every time I go to my local Ulta or Target, they're always out of stock of those two shades. Every time for over a year.

Of course I could probably just order it online, but I'm not big on paying for shipping (and I am big on instant gratification). So every time, I just shrugged and sighed, resolved to keep looking.

When I was with my sister in her small college town last weekend, I suggested we pop into the local Ulta for a much-needed sampling of their dry shampoo offerings (don't judge us—it was an emergency). While we were there, I half-heartedly checked out the NYX section and found both of the shades I wanted, when I wasn't even really looking!

It was a triumphant feeling until I got home and realized that maybe I had over-hyped them. They're fine, but not amazing. I like how both shades look on me, and the wear time is good, but Transylvania in particular is on the streaky side, and they're both kind of hard to apply.

Let's be real: once you're searched over a year for any beauty product, whether it's $5 or $150, it's going to have a hard time living up to your expectations.

(I still like these and plan to wear them all the time, though.)

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "lauren84" managed to combine bees and perfume in this fascinating comment:

Interested in trying a mini size of this! I'm really into history in all aspects, perfumery included! There used to be a TokyoMilk solid perfume called Marie that smelled exactly like the famous perfume made for Marie Antoinette. Described vividly in "The Perfumed Court", it combined the scents of all the flowers in the Petit Trianon gardens - rose, jonquil, iris, etc. I've been to the Trianon and the gardens at Le Hameau, and that little TokyoMilk scent was dead on! I'm devastated they don't make it anymore! As for bees, I have a thing for bumblebees. Where I used to work there was a garden where bees regularly got "drunk" and sometimes died from feeding on fermented blossoms. I helped some by placing fresh flowers in front of them, and feeding on them seemed to sober them up!

2. "Noa" has me convinced that I need to buy this hot pink lipstick now (no such thing as poor TV choices though!):

*screaming at the top of my lungs* MAC VIVA MILEY! MAC VIVA MILEY! MAC VIVA MILEY! $16, for a good cause, it wears like a DREAM and lasts forever, it looks good on every single person in the world, I'm wearing it right now, people are telling me I look incredible, BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT. Also, pair it with the Viva Miley gloss when you go out n' party!....or when you decide to stay inside in a slanket and make poor television choices.

3. Everyone had favorite looks from the Met Gala and I have to say I completely agree with "Caddiewoodlawn" on all points:

Solange 4eva! I know the Beyhive will murder me for saying this, but I hated Beyonce's look. I'm maxed out on naked dresses and have reached the point where I am now just pretty bored by fabulous celeb bodies.

4. And finally, this comment from "nooneputsbabyinthecorner" just made me laugh. (You'll have to read Wendy's shaving article to find out why though.)

Soften her, I barely know her!

  • What's the longest amount of time you've spent searching for a particular beauty product? You can also share how much you ended up spending on it, if you want.
  • Do you have a white whale product that you have yet to track down?