Essence is My New Go-To for a Cheap Lipstick Thrill, Plus COTW!

I cannot believe how high quality these under-$5 lip products are.
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June 6, 2015
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I need to thank every commenter here who has ever mentioned Essence in the comment section. Seriously, you win COTW forever because I am so happy I found their lip products.

Lately, I've been on a mission to collect a lip liner and lipstick in every color that Essence has to offer at my local ULTA. Luckily, it's not a difficult mission, considering the prices: all of Essence's products are under $10, their lipstick is $3, and their lip liner is $1.50.

I love how creamy and hydrating Essence Longlasting Lipstick is, and the shade Barely There is a gorgeous everyday color.

Essence Lip Liner has completely changed my mind about lip liners (I've tried too many sharp, drying pencils); they're so smooth and buttery. I have Red Blush and In The Nude, but I think I need them all.

Here's what each of these looks like on my lips:

And swatches of all three:

Definitely check these out if you get the chance; you won't regret it!

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week:

1. "Ava" had a great rose-infused beauty product recommendation:

I use rosewater as a toner and hair-refreshing mist (or, like, life-refreshing mist) and I swear by it. I would never pay $30 for it though -- I recommend Cortas brand. Pure, smells awesome, and only like $5 a bottle. Heritage Store brand is also pretty good, and comes in a handy little spray bottle.

2. If you don't have someone around who's willing to rub self-tanner on your back for you (which is what I did for my fake tan), you could try this suggestion from "milangirl":

They sell (ulta and other beauty stores) a back applicator specifically for this issue. I find it doesn't work awesome on its own, so I stick the tanning mitt onto the stick and a hair tie around the bottom to keep it secure, then rub it on my back! You could also use a spatula with a tanning mitt on the top lol.

3. If you're trying to fix a broken lipstick, be sure to keep this tip from "Shipwreck" in mind:

Some lipstick formulas lose opacity when they are heated! If you want to preserve the original intensity/texture of your lipstick, do a quick test beforehand or just use the "smoosh method".

4. This comment from "Teena" about Korean beauty products was informative and made me laugh:

I use tonymoly, innisfree, Etude house products daily and I'm a total convert. My skin hasn't looked better in years. The tonymoly black sugar scrub is amazing. Tonymoly egg pore foaming wash cleans better than any face scrub/wash I've used. Skinfood products smell amazing - the peach sake serum feels great under makeup (I can't use it as a primer alone, I'm still too oily, but it helps smooth things out and I use less primer). I've got a cleansing balm I haven't used yet that I need to try. The only downside to Korean products is that I can't read Korean on the packaging and have to guess what it for. I have a tendency to go online shopping late at night, forget what I've bought and I'm totally surprised when it arrives 3 weeks later. "Oh look it's a bunny with some goo inside. I'll rub it on my face and hope for the best".

  • Have you tried anything from Essence? If so, what's your favorite Essence product?
  • What's your favorite budget beauty brand for a cheap thrill?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!