Contouring And Highlighting For Lazy Girls

I've got better things to do than spend an hour "shaping" my face. Like sleep, or eat, or sleep.
Publish date:
April 21, 2014
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I don't like to refer to myself as lazy. Rather, I insist I'm perpetually busy. You don't need to know what I'm busy doing. (Netflix, eating, sleeping, ad infinitum.)

I also hate to call myself broke, but sometimes I really am. To avoid social embarrassment, I just tell people I'm saving my money right now. No one needs to know I paid for my lunch in coins. I'm trying to give off COMPETENT VIBES. (Hire me!)

Those very vibes are sometimes my only motivation to even mess with makeup. I like the way I look without anything on my face, but I can only tell people "Oh, I write about makeup and beauty stuff" so many times with a totally naked face before I start to feel like a bit of a phony. I read way too much Salinger in high school to ever be OK with feeling like a phony.

According to the gurus of the blogosphere, I should be really giving this whole "looking good" thing some more effort. So because the internet told me to highlight and contour my face to high heaven, I've been giving it a shot.

Obviously, I'm still lazy about it, though. I mean, I'm just... incredibly busy. I keep my face game minimal, streamlined and as elementary as possible, and I'm here to share my winning plays with you.

Start with the foundation or cream of your choice. I hate foundation, so I'm just slathering my face with Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream, which I love with a Gollum-esque devotion. I like that it balances my redness and gives me some glow while not hiding my freckles. I quite like my freckles.

Now it's time for some contouring! It's important to use a color that's slightly darker than your natural skin tone, but in the same color family.

Since my skin is pretty warm and golden-toned, I use a bronzer as a contour, but this won't work on everyone. You can always use a powder or foundation in a slightly darker shade. Just make sure whatever you're using doesn't have any glitter or shimmer to it, or you risk looking like the early 2000s mall tween I still am inside.

We want to just apply some contour right under the cheekbone to emphasize them. I'm not totally sure why we're supposed to be obsessed with our cheekbones. I tried to explain it to my boyfriend, and he was like, "Why would girls want to look like they haven't been eating?" and then I just sat there straight-faced for a minute until he said, "Oh right."

Maybe one day cheekbones won't be a thing, but for now they are so let's ACCENTUATE, ladies.

I'm using a brush from the Real Techniques Core Collection. This is actually the buffing brush. They have a contour brush, which works very well, but I lost it because I'm a mess. Anyway, buffing brush works fine as well.

Suck in your cheeks like a sexy fish, and fluff some bronzer (or darker powder) under your cheekbones; then blend it all in. No one wants a striped-face lady. (Well, I'm sure SOMEONE does. Everybody has a thing, ya know.)

As you can see, it isn't crazy-obvious but there's a subtle bit of contouring happening there. I dig it.

For a highlighter, I like to use Benefit High Beam. It's shimmery and dewy. I love the way I can blend it into my blush for a natural and fresh look.

I start by swiping it lightly just above my cheekbones.

I then use my fingers to pat it in and blend it gently. A little bit goes a long way!

Its effect is much more obvious in person. Also, I've been using this same bottle of High Beam for almost a year and it's not even close to running out. I love products that last forever. Like buttermilk!

After the contour and highlight is finished, I go in with some blush. I'm using Benefit Benetint, which I apply in a stripe across my cheekbone and blend with my fingers.

I put some Benetint on my lips as well, because I love to use as few products as possible. (Because I'm very BUSY, remember?) I also added some eyeliner because I felt like things were really coming together for me.

Overall, it doesn't make a HUGE difference in how I see my face but it does look slightly more "done up." If you want to contour your cheeks, you should do it but only if you want to. Otherwise, nah. Stay in bed.

This is an easy look, though, for us sleepyheads. It took me about five minutes and only four products and one brush, since I used my fingers for the CC Cream, highlighter, and blush.

On a scale from 1 to Kardashian, how lazy is your makeup routine? Do you believe in the gospel of contour? Do tell.