Battle of the Contour Palettes: Pricey vs. Not-So-Pricey

How does NYX compare to Anastasia Beverly Hills?
Publish date:
April 29, 2015
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My makeup has a pretty good mix of high- and low-end products, but I'm always on the lookout for dupes to the more expensive brands in my stash. So when I saw that NYX released a Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, I knew I had to compare it to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Palette to see how it measured up.

Round 1: Texture

Anastasia: The powders in this kit are soft and silky but not too powdery, making them super easy to blend.

NYX: These powders are not as soft but are not super-chalky either, and they blended out fairly well.

Winner: Anastasia but honestly only by a bit!

Round 2: Pigmentation

Anastasia: All of the powders in this kit are well pigmented to the point that it actually made me a little nervous about blending. I have to be careful about what brush I use with these, but otherwise they worked well.

NYX: Although these are a little powdery, the pigmentation is good, with only slight patchiness here and there (which doesn't really matter once it’s blended).

Winner: This one is a toss-up for me; I liked them both pretty equally!

Round 3: Shade Selection

Anastasia: The six-tin Anastasia kit comes pre-filled in two different shade ranges (light to medium and medium to tan); however, you can fill your own customized palette from a selection of 29 shades on their website.

NYX: This comes pre-filled with eight shades, but you have the option of refilling this palette once it's purchased with four additional shades not offered here. Unlike the Anastasia palette, however, you can't build your own from the get go.

Winner: Anastasia. I like that you can customize right away, and I don't like how similar the contour shades in the NYX palette are.

OVERALL WINNER: I have to give it to Anastasia on this one due in large part to being able to create my own kit from the start and the variety of shades you can pick. It’s $15 more than the NYX palette, but knowing that I’m going to use all of the shades in my customized kit versus one or two in a pre-filled one makes the difference worth it to me.

  • Do you like to contour with powder?
  • Are you Team NYX or Team Anastasia when it comes to contouring?