Why You Should Own Contact Lens Cases Even If You Don't Wear Contacts

Hint: Because you're vain, obviously.

As a teenager, I didn’t know I had a lot of things to be thankful for. Other than being an easy target for racial slurs, I was one of the tallest in the school, I had a better command of English than most students, and I actually enjoyed having to write essays. That didn’t make me very popular, obviously.

One of the things that I was actually proud of was my perfect eyesight. We’d have to go for eye exams, I’d look forward to them, ace them and then get to brag about it. It wasn’t very often that I get to brag about anything amongst my peers in high school.

Of course, that was the case until several years ago when I experienced blood-curdling headaches for two weeks (I was pretty sure Death was coming for me). Turns out I didn’t have a brain tumor; it was deduced that I had a lazy right eye and all the time I spent on the computer didn’t help.

I would have preferred a monocle of course, but Faz “Left Eye” Gaffa didn’t quite have the same ring so I have to wear glasses now when I’m on the computer for long hours.

That whole anecdote leads me to this: I don’t wear contacts. Colored contacts freak me out, and those Japanese ones that blacken your entire pupil to make it look bigger send me running the other way. But for some reason, one of the things a friend got me on her recent trip to Japan were half a dozen Hello Kitty contact lens cases.

Turns out, because contact lens cases are meant to house contacts and contact solution, they’re pretty spill-proof! So now, when I have to bring those itty-bitty clutches out for parties and events and I know I’d be needing a touch-up, I’d pour a little bit of foundation and cream blush into a contact lens case and ta-da! You have your own little makeup carrier!

Bonus: if you’re going for a weekender and don’t want to lug your arsenal of beauty products, simply transfer them into contact lens cases too! Which I'm planning to do when I head to NYC with Alle to finally meet the xoVain and xoJane team in person in December. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

In the meantime, tell me, how do you carry your makeup? Or what makeup do you actually carry with you on a day-to-day basis?