Yellow: Why The Colour Of The Sun Needs To Be On Your Eyelids

The sun, gold, butter and Sailor Moon's hair: all the best stuff is yellow.
Publish date:
October 25, 2013
eyeshadows, color of the week, yellow

You are probably thinking "YELLOW? This isn't kindergarten and we aren't picking out our favourite crayon." But today is different. Today, you will think, "I NEED yellow eyeshadow in my life right now!"

Either that or "Oh, OK, I guess it doesn't look that bad."

I am aiming for the former.

So first: the dramatic. Y'all know I love an ombre lip, so of course this sunset one is perfection. That and a bare face is all you need. Unless you're on a date having a hamburger or something, then do a smoky eye. Why are you even debating this?

This hair (lightened in Photoshop) is something I could never pull off, but if you're ever going for girl-next-door-comic-book-goddess, this is for you. Bike optional.

Remember the piercing eyes? You can do it with yellow, too. And Sailor Moon's hair? Totally yellow. (I should just go through all the Sailor Scouts for Colour of the Week, no?)

Now let's get subtle. A pretty pink blush looks a bit more modern with a hint of yellow.

Yellow is surprising and just a little bit different. It's shocking, but needn't be garish (unless you're into that, then go for it). And like the sun, it gives us warmth and brightness, which is something I crave constantly.

Would you try yellow? Or are you shaking your head "no" ? I don't mind--there's always next week!