White Eyeshadow For Ethereal, Glowy, Magical Eyes

Find out how our color of the week can make your eyes brighter than a baby's.
Publish date:
September 20, 2013
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White has always been a favourite colour of mine. As a tween, I always wore white (Britney circa Sometimes, anyone?) because black was too slimming and I was basically a shortened bean pole. Now I live in black, but this isn't the time or place.

There is something ethereal and otherworldly about white; something serene and crisp and ghostly. Something about someone in all white, to me, says confidence and high fashion. And what about Ursula Andress' Bond bikini? Definitely a moment in cinematic history.

White makeup is great, too. I love a white waterline. Some carefully blended white highlights can make the face a little bit more surreal. White eyeshadow looks so perfect on deep-set eyes.

If you're not willing to take the complete white eyeshadow plunge, a tiny dab in the corner makes a huge difference. Babies have that bright highlight naturally. So jealous.

I also like using the tiniest bit of white shadow in the centre of the lips to make them appear fuller, kind of like the wonderful Alle does in her ombre lip tutorial.

One of my favourite shades of white is an eyeshadow called Aura, which is part of the Urban Decay Glinda Palette. One side of the shadow has iridescent blue undertones, while the other side shines iridescent pink. I find the pink side a little more flattering on my skin tone, but if I apply the blue sparingly, it gives off quite a lovely glow.

How do you feel about white? Is it a part of your regular makeup routine? What's your favourite way to incorporate white into your look? How do I stop my life from being taken over by Grand Theft Auto V?