Light Purple: For Pretty Eyes And Cheeks Like A Baby Alien

Lilac, lavender, light purple. You're, like, really pretty.
Publish date:
October 18, 2013
blushes, eyeshadows, color of the week

My very favourite Tekken character, Alisa, wears a lilac and lavender dress. She's a robot, her arms turn into chainsaws and her head comes off to occasionally turn into a bomb. Basically, if anyone can make light purple colour of the week, it's her.

The standout lavender product is definitely eyeshadow. It's pretty, simple and easy. A simple stroke of a purpley shadow can brighten and freshen up the face, without looking too garish or costumey.

If you need more proof, just look at Rachel McAdams.

Lilac can also be used as a blush. It looks a bit more alien-like than pink and I'm kinda into it. Purple is how alien babies blush, right? Pair it with lilac nail polish like Park Sora does and you're set.

Do you like light purple? Where do you wear it? What products do I need to try?