Hot Pink: The Instant Fix For Dull Complexions

There's a reason why pink is the only colour that gets to use the adjective "hot."
Publish date:
September 6, 2013
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So this is my new weekly column where I talk about a colour that inspires me, why it's amazing, and my product recommendation in that colour that will satisfy all your skin-deep needs. You know, completely groundbreaking, Pulitzer Prize winning stuff.

This week, it's all about hot pink.

There is something about about a hot pink lip that just brings it all together, even with a bare face. Unlike a red, which can sometimes read too formal to me depending on your outfit, a pop of pink is always a win in my book.

Strangely enough, though my complexion is quite warm, I find that cooler-toned pinks are a lot more flattering. They seem to cancel out the sallowness of my skin and make me look a bit more alive, a bit more put-together, a little less "I've only slept for four hours, but please don't say I look tired."

Coincidentally, Korean makeup companies seem to do all the best pink lipsticks. (Psst, New York, there's going to be a Korean Makeup Pop Up Shop happening on the 28th of September at the Hester Street Fair!)

3 Concept Eyes, or 3CE, is no exception, and they make the hottest hot pink around. But getting 3CE in London is not going to happen unless I'm willing to fork out some cash for shipping or pay triple price at this cute little Asian cosmetics shop in town.

So while I won't be sporting Chu Chu Lip Color anytime soon, here is the next best thing: Rimmel's Apocalips ("Show Off Lip Lacquer" in the US-- here's Annie using it in Miami) in Apocaliptic. These liquid lipsticks are amazing. I love the texture, the staying power, the pigmentation and the flavour (unlike Rimmel's lipsticks, which is a crying shame because I love their colours and prices).

What do you think? Are you a fan of a hot pink lip? Hot pink hair? Hot pink anything? Or is it too Malibu Barbie? Let me know what your favourite colour lipstick and all your pink recommendations in the comments!