Highlighter: The Non-Color Color Of The Week

Highlighter will make you look fresh, glowing and gorgeous. Who doesn't want that?
Publish date:
November 22, 2013
color of the week, highlighters, Lancome

Let's get this out of the way: highlighter, much like glitter, is not a colour. But it's so pretty and one of my favourite makeup products, so I'm going to write about it anyway. Highlighter is what makes you look glowy and ethereal and fairy-like.

I like using it on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, in the inner corners of my eye and under the brow bone.

Personally, I prefer my highlighters without noticeable glitter, so that it looks like you are glowing from within, like a sophisticated Glo Worm.

They say that, generally, those with warm undertones should use gold highlighter, while those with cooler undertones should stick to silver highlighters. But there are pink highlighters, white highlighters and even matte, skin toned highlighters, so what about those, highlighter experts?

Personally, I think you should experiment and see whatever works for you. My favourite is Lancome's Éclat Miracle. which is described as a "universal serum of light ... liquid mirror particles scatter on the skin to produce a continuous, illuminating effect." How could you not want to buy that?

But really, this stuff is amazing, like a beautiful unicorn has lightly grazed against my cheekbones and whispered "do not forget me" before disappearing into the night sky. It also has the Lisa Eldridge stamp of approval.

Do you highlight? Is there anything better than Éclat Miracle? Let me know!