Green: Because All The Old Television Stars Wore Green Blush And Lipstick

Make everyone green with envy (har-har) with your new favourite makeup colour.
Publish date:
November 1, 2013
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Here is a fun fact about green: old Hollywood starlets used to wear green lipstick and blush because television cameras couldn't recognize the red undertones in the human complexion. Apparently, when green makeup was used, the problem was solved. Everyone looked totally hot and unsallow in green.

I'm not saying you should go around with green skin and lips (although, on second thought, you should), but green is a great colour to add your makeup bag.

It can be natural or outlandish: completely up to where you stand in the green-o-meter. From an elegant smokey emerald eye to a subtle forest liner to a swipe of neon green on the lids, the choices are endless.

For the sake of variety, there is are no sailor scouts mentioned in this week's Colour of the Week - but if I were going there: think Jupiter.