Bronze: The Only Club Worth Going To Around Here

The colour of the week that's safe yet sexy.
Publish date:
November 29, 2013
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"The Bronze. It’s the only club worth going to around here. They let anybody in, but it’s still the scene. It’s in the bad part of town." - Cordelia Chase

Cordelia is so right. Bronze is the colour that anyone can wear. What other colour can be so non-exclusive, yet totally worth wearing anyway?

When it comes to eyeshadow, bronze is a no-brainer. It's flattering on anyone, so it's always a smart choice. But instead of looking safe, you can also look dangerously sexy, like Rihanna.

Or you can go the unbelievably adorable route like our very own Rachel. JK, it's Leighton Meester, but who can tell?

Bronze on the lips is a little more risqué, but when done correctly, you can look really expensive and editorial.

In conclusion, there is wisdom in every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now tell me, what's your favourite bronze product?