Blue: The One Color That's Simultaneously Classic And Mega Trendy

Sailor Mercury was blue, so therefore it is the best colour.
Publish date:
October 11, 2013
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There's something about blue that's like, "Hey, I'm a classic, but also interesting!" A navy boot looks neutral enough to match with loads of clothes, but can also be that pop of colour to an otherwise plain outfit.

Same goes for blue makeup. Blue can be clean, classic and subtle when you want it to be, but can also be an unexpected twist to your everyday, standard face.

I was so into blue mascara in high school. And despite everyone in 7th and 8th grade telling me that my blue hair mascara was weird, I know they really meant "You are so hip, Mari. Tell me that part about Sailor Moon again."

If you need more convincing, check out Annie and Kelly looking all babely and hot in blue mascara. If you're feeling even bolder, Olivia's got blue lips down to an art.

But let's talk classic.

For a more subtle blue look - why not opt for navy eyeliner instead of black? Super pretty, right?

In conclusion, throw out that black mascara and liner right now. Just kidding - because what would you do when black is Colour of the Week?!

Do you incorporate blue into your makeup? What are your fave blue products? Let me know in the comments!