LOTW: Color-Block Lashes

Let's try a two-tone mascara look--and no, not black and brown.
Publish date:
August 6, 2015
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When it comes to accentuating my lashes, I typically stick to basic black mascara—dark brown if I'm feeling frisky. After seeing a few of you babes in the comments sporting some brightly tinted lashes a couple of months ago, however, I decided to try the look out for myself.

Since I'm working on making the lashes pop more than anything else, I keep the rest of my eye makeup fairly basic. I apply a little bit of a shimmery champagne shadow to the lids and blend out any harsh lines with a little bit of soft brown matte shadow.

The two colors I chose for my lashes are mint and cobalt, and since the latter is going to be my base lash color, I am going to do a matching cat eye. Using a cobalt liquid liner, I line my upper lash line and wing it out.

Next, I take a bright blue mascara and liberally coat my upper lash line.

Once I've let that dry, I take a mint green mascara and carefully apply to just the tips of my lashes.

Now that the eyes are complete, I apply my foundation and concealer, add some nude blush and top my lips off with a vibrant magenta lipstick.

Here are my favorite looks from last week:

What are your favorite brands for colored mascaras? What other shades would you try this look with?