You Don't Even Want To Know What I Look Like Without This Concealer Palette

I like to mix the colors and yell "OUT DAMN SPOT" as I cover my zit scars.
Publish date:
February 28, 2013
concealers, palettes

Concealer is a topic that I’m asked about constantly: how to apply it, which ones are the best for what skin types, etc.

I don’t know if I’m exactly an expert (although I did ace my Concealer 101 class at the Imaginary University of Beauty Stuff), but I do know that I have some pretty horrendous red scars on my cheeks from old zits (sexy!), and the concealer I use helps hide them and bring me closer to my superficial dream of being The Prettiest Version of Hannah.

So today I want to talk to you, my lovelies, about the concealer(s) I use every day, without fail: the Coastal Scents Eclipse Palette. This is a pretty simple looking plastic-housed palette from the outside, but inside it’s got 15 shades of creamy concealer ranging from super-fair to deep, along with yellow-, green-, and lavender-based correctors, and a shimmery white highlighter.

I dip into the palette with a brush every morning and blend my own special shade of scar-be-gone. The formula is creamy, blends wonderfully and stays on all day once I set it with some translucent powder. The nasty red scars disappear and I can pretend I have perfect skin!

Having access to multiple shades of concealer at once is important. Different parts of our face are different colors and require different shades to balance it all out. Plus, no foundation or concealer on the market ever really matches us perfectly, so the option to custom-blend with the flick of a wrist is pretty exciting, right?

Another great feature of the palette is that one of the more mid-toned shades is pretty orange-peachy, which works as a great corrector for blue-toned under-eye circles. (Take a gander at any color wheel: blue and orange are opposite each other, so when you put one on top of the other, they neutralize out. Dark circles suddenly seem less zombie-esque.)

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, this palette is crazy-inexpensive. I’ve had mine for a few months now and even with daily use it’s still kicking. Plus, Coastal Scents frequently has sales on their products so you can usually pick it up for even cheaper. You pretty much have no excuse not to have one in your makeup bag.

And there you have it: my “holy grail” concealer. I’m eager to know which concealers you consider the best, or just any other products in general you’re either a) interested in learning more about or b) super-obsessed with. Let’s chat!