What The Eff Is A Lipnicure?

I did not make this up.
Publish date:
August 28, 2014
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Lipnicure. It looks like nail polish, but it has “lip” in the name.

Whaaaat? Clearly there is more going on here than meets the eye. Let’s investigate.

OK, none of us are morons so I’ll cut to the chase. This is obviously for your lips.

The wand is curved for a lip-hugging application and the tip is small enough to even out edges. The Lipnicure Top Coat is sold separately for a glossy, hydrating finish, since Lipnicure is quite matte on its own. Cute, right?

The Good

This stuff stays PUT. The formula is hyper-pigmented, as you can see. I found that two coats gave completely opaque, vibrant color. And they look awesome.

And I love the matte look without the top coat.

The Bad

Remember how I said it’s long-lasting? Well, fairy tales aren’t real, Santa Claus doesn’t exist, and if something adheres to your lips that well, you’re looking at major dryness. That’s just how it is.

More than that, though, the formula was just...odd. I’d planned to keep it on through dinner to test the wear, but couldn’t make it that far. My lips felt dry, grainy, and uncomfortable, which was a bummer since I really liked how some of the photos came out.

Admittedly, I have a very low tolerance for dryness (remember how I can’t sleep without lip hydration?), but I don’t see anyone being cool with this texture for a whole evening.

The top coat didn’t save it, either. It just covered the weird, uncomfortable texture with a coat of gloss.

The Verdict

My advice is to let your lip products be lip products and save the polish for your nails. But I’m not your mother.

OK, Vain-ers, spill. What long-wearing lip color do you really feel comfortable in for hours? I want to believe.