How To Wear Clear Lip Gloss Like A Grown-Up

I don't think I've worn super-shiny clear lipgloss since the 9th grade, but for some reason it now feels cool for 2013.
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July 19, 2013
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I haven't been a lip gloss girl for a long time. Occasionally, I'll throw one on, usually with some sort of berry tint to it, but for the most part I prefer matte lipsticks and sheer balms.

Lip gloss has not been something I've thought to purchase in years, and especially not CLEAR lip gloss. For a long time, the thought of putting on clear lip gloss felt so juvenile to me. I mean, isn't lip gloss--usually clear or perhaps with a bit of shimmer, heavily scented and possibly vanilla-flavoured--one of the first products we try out as tweens? I've been a grown-ass woman for a while now, and before that, tried to give the impression of being one, so look-at-me, shiny, sticky, glossy lips weren't on the agenda when I was getting ready in the morning.

Recently though, I had a switch. I suddenly had visions in my head of clean-yet-glossy skin, perfectly groomed brows, spiky-lashed eyes and completely glossy, modern, simple lips, devoid of any colour but my own. I love an over-the-top look just as much as the next diva, but there are days when I just want to look sharp and clean and fresh, like the human form of a white t-shirt or a GAP ad from 1996.

I guess with my new haircut I've been getting nostalgic, simply because the bluntness of a bob, especially when ironed pin-straight, feels very '90s model. So I went digging through my vast makeup collection and managed to find a clear gloss, Joe Fresh Lip Gloss in clear (available in Joe Fresh stores), which, when applied, just looked pretty and caught the light very nicely and made my lips feel so smooooth, as opposed to my bright, matte lipsticks which can sometimes make them feel like sandpaper.

I mean, I don't really feel like I need to link you to a specific clear lip gloss here? It's pretty basic and I feel like they're all kind of the same. If you think I'm crazy for saying so, tell me in the comments, but it's seriously just clear goop.


After that, the rest of the look sort of just fell into place. I ironed my hair with my flat-iron on a very low setting and reminisced about how the last time I wore clear lip gloss, I also wore my long, long hair stick-straight, thanks to laying it out flat on the ironing board every morning before school and ironing it. With a clothing iron. Yeah, for real. This was back when a decent ceramic flat iron was like, $200 and 14 year-old Hannah had to resort to other measures. This was also before anyone besides mega-rich people had digital cameras so there's actually no photographic evidence of this time in my life.

Wow, did those last two sentences just age me? IT WASN'T EVEN THAT LONG AGO!

Once my hair was slick and smooth, I side-parted it and cleaned up my face using (wait for it) Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. I'm sure you're all "overkill" but I seriously use this stuff everyday, and it was perfect for evening out my skin and making it look very clean. This whole look is so CLEAN, you'd swear Howard Hughes was behind it.

I then filled in my brows with my trusty Clarins kit, and then, for a bit more sculpted-ness (not a word) I brushed on just the tiniest bit of mascara (Lancome Definicils, if you were wondering), which I then also applied to my upper and lower lashes. And that was it for my eyes, because SIMPLICITY.

After that it was necessary to add gloss to my cheeks too, because I'm all about a highlighted cheekbone. I resorted to my favourite sticky summer brightener, RMS Living Luminizer. I gave my cheeks a bit of colour and glowiness, too, with the help of Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in Pink. I love this stuff because the argan keeps your skin feeling dewy throughout the day and the subtle shimmer in it makes you look fresh, not glittery.

And that is effing it. So simple. So nostalgic, but also modern and grown-up. And so easy to get with whatever products you've got on hand.

If you, somehow, don't have clear lip gloss, a tube of N.Y.C.'s is what, less than three bucks? Some sheer foundation, some mascara, a bit of brow powder, whatever highlighter or pale shimmery shadow you may have on hand--boom. Done.

I really like it. Do you? What are your thoughts on clear lip gloss? And, just for fun, what was your favourite beauty product in the ninth grade?

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