I Preferred My Lip Color in Liquid Form Until I Discovered These Lipsticks

It's like the world has come together to give me the perfect gloss/traditional creamy lipstick combination.
Publish date:
May 10, 2016
Clarins, lipstick

My love for glosses, and long-wear matte liquid lipsticks is well documented. I either want that crazy shine and to apply every couple of hours, or to put it on in the morning and not touch it 'til dinner.

I've had passing flirtations with regular creamy lipsticks but nothing has really held my attention (or wear time) quite as much as a good gloss or liquid lipstick, which is why I'm glad I've finally found a lipstick range that has the comfort and shine of a gloss but can actually pack some major pigment.

The Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant line was definitely a slow burn. When I received them, I put 'em straight into my go-to lip product section of my desk so I would remember to actually test them. After I finally started using these lipsticks, it's like the world had come together to give me the perfect gloss/traditional creamy lipstick combination.

The packaging is probably the most luxurious out of any lip product I have. It's a beautiful, light golden-colored metal and is quite heavy, which adds to that fancy feeling. Plus, it has a really solid click when you close the cap. Who doesn't love a good lipstick cap click? Seriously. So good.

I've got a range of colors from a light coral to a deep berry that I've been wearing on rotation for the last three or so weeks.

For work, I've been sticking with the lighter shades, Coral Tulip and Rose Blossom. Coral tulip has been a favorite because it is that great in-between orange shade. It isn't a light peach, and it isn't an in-your-face orange. It's pretty sheer, so it's kind of like a your-lips-but-oranger shade.

Rose Blossom is such a pretty, low-key color. I think it's probably the most chic, professional, working-adult color out of the group. Like in my dream fancy lady life, I would wear this to some important meeting, then go straight to afternoon tea.

For post-work shenanigans, I've been going for two darker shades.

Hibiscus is an ever so slightly pink red that I've been loving for date nights. It's definitely not kiss-proof or food proof but you can apply it without a mirror and not have to worry about layers of product looking funky or getting it all over your face.

As for Hot Fuchsia, this color is so ~me~ that when I was doing my makeup swap with Erin, she pulled it straight out and said this was the color that most looked like an "Allison color."

Although these colors are probably pretty easy to dupe, I've never tried a formula exactly like it. These lipsticks are lightly hydrating and wear for about four to five hours without needing to be touched up so long as you aren't eating or drinking anything. Because of the sheer, gel-like formula and glide-on texture, you can layer it up (which also gives more color) and not worry about it.

The reason these guys have beat out a traditional cream lipstick formula for me is because they wear off so evenly. The shine will go first and then the pigment slowly fades away; it doesn't get weird or patchy, and if you apply a couple of times during the day you will start to build up a stain on your lips.

At nearly $30 a pop, they are on the pricey side, but definitely worth it in my book.

  • What is your favorite lipstick formula?
  • What format do you like best for lip color?